Top 5 Reasons to Treat Dating in New Jersey as a Business

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Although this might not sound like the most romantic approach, running your dating life similar to a business will take a lot of the pressure from dating.  It puts things into perspective and makes dating so much easier and less frustrating.

Stepping away from the traditional dating rules and thinking of dating in New Jersey similar to a business allows you to skip over dating the losers and jerks you’ve been dating your whole life.  When the main product on the line is you, it’s more than investing on clothes and lipstick.

If you’re still not sold, or you’re just scratching your head wondering what this even means, read on to discover why you should treat dating in New Jersey like a business.

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1. You’re Trying to Make a Sale

In a business, your main job is to sell a product or service.  And when you date, the main purpose is to sell yourself.  You want to display your best qualities while hiding the negative ones.  Sound familiar?  Whether you’re looking for a casual partner or a forever one, consider yourself a valued commodity.  The point we’re trying to make here is to showcase your positives and leave the baggage at home, just like you would on a business deal.

2. It’s Just a Business Meeting

During any type of business meeting, the main goal is to get to know your associates or clients.  The atmosphere is professional yet casual.  Your main goal is to keep everyone interested.  But no one has made a commitment just yet.  Your very first few meetings are just tryouts, so the same rule should apply to dating.  The first few dates aren’t a time to show off your drinking skills.  That’s not the way to impress a client or a date.  The first few dates are about learning about each other and seeing if there’s a connection.  It’s just a meeting—nothing serious yet.

3. It Takes the Pressure Off

For some reason or another, dating automatically equals having a lot of pressure on your shoulders.  Businesses would love to get every potential client, but realistically that will never happen.  They go into every encounter confident in making a sale, but they know they won’t always achieve the sale.  They know that’s just a part of doing business.  You should look at dating the same way.  So what if it didn’t work out with that person?  You at least tried.  Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and just let it flow.  It will be so much more enjoyable that way, believe us.

4. You Learn from Your Mistakes

Businesses are constantly trying to improve their marketing strategies.  One might not work one day, but then something goes viral and produces a lot of leads the next week.  What went wrong on your last few dates.  Did you say something wrong?  Did you do something wrong?  Did you overshare, or not talk enough? Odds are, if you analyze your dates, you can learn from them and improve in the future.

5. Make a Plan

Want to know why many businesses don’t succeed?  Because they don’t have a plan.  The most important thing when treating dating as a business is having a strategy in place.  What do you want from a date?  Where are the best places to go out on a date?  How should you meet new people?  What makes someone attractive?  It sounds like a lot of work, but if you don’t have a plan in place, you have nowhere to go.  A little work upfront will lead to results.

It’s time to take control of your dating life once and for all by thinking of dating as a business.  This is how successful people date.

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