Sportswriting can take many forms, from news reports about a game to feature stories that focus on a particular team or player. In the end, the job is to keep your readers engaged by writing articles that capture the emotion and action of the sport.

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One of the most fun things to write is an article about a topic you’re truly passionate about, whether that’s baseball or soccer. It’s a great way to reveal your inner fan while presenting objective statistics about the subject.

Using a gimmick in your headline + sub-heading combo: the best sports articles use a little magic to grab the reader’s attention and keep it. A good headline can do everything from introduce a topic to describing the event itself.

The big picture: a good article includes the basics such as a clear lead line and a succinct description of the event, but goes well beyond this by providing context about the subject, offering a bit of background, and providing an intriguing question or problem. It also reveals the main point of view, which may be from an opposing side, a spectator, or even a coach.

In addition to the aforementioned, you should also include some of the more specialized sports-related gimmicks: a good headline, a well-placed quote, or a clever story line that transports your readers into the event you’re covering. The best sports articles are the ones that show off the aforementioned and most of the others in an interesting way.

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