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Some men approach dating and relationships at a fast speed. Others, go slower than a snail. They take every new phase and stage of a relationship with slowly, often with a lot of painstaking deliberation – to the point that it causes the woman to ponder whether or not they even have any interest in dating.

Today, our love and dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs he’s moving too slowly in the relationship.

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1. You always have to initiate contact.

How often does your partner initiate contact? If you’re always the one who has to drop him a text message first, that’s not a good thing. Communication should be more balanced than that because it shows that you’re both making an effort to keep the relationship going. When things are one-sided, it’s often a bad sign that one person is giving more than the other. This is unfair and can hint that one person doesn’t have any interest in the relationship.

So take a step back and look at your communication with each other. Is it always you reaching out to him? Does he never take any initiative to contact you and ask how your day went? If it’s all you, you, you, then it’s time to reevaluate his interest.

2. It takes him days before he asks you.

If you’re only texting each other instead of seeing each other face-to-face, it’s troubling. Although it’s good to get to know each other via text, too much of it often gives the impression that your partner is not interested in having a real relationship where you actually see each other in person.

Why hide behind your phones? Too much texting and no real dates also point to him stringing you along. He’s showing just enough interest to keep you around but he may have no intention of making things serious with you. So now it’s time to ask yourself if you’re just around to occupy his time.

3. He gives you mixed signals.

If your partner is inconsistent where one minute he’s showing interest in you and the next he’s blowing you off, this is often a huge red flag that a relationship is not going anywhere. Mixed signals can make your relationship stall and even run out of fuel completely because you don’t know where you stand with him.

Although you might hold onto hope that your partner will eventually change, mixed signals are often a sign that the person’s not serious about you, nor are they taking the relationship seriously.

4. He doesn’t define the relationship.

People define their relationships at different stages. For some, that could be after a few dates, while others will only do it after several weeks of dating exclusively. The important thing to do is focus on when it feels right for you and your partner. If you’ve been dating your partner for several months now, he still hasn’t had the relationship talk with you, and it makes you feel insecure in the relationship, this is a problem. It’s important to know where you stand with your partner and where you’re both headed so you can see if you’re a good fit to be together.

5. He doesn’t mention you in future plans.

One of the biggest signs your relationship is headed towards a breakup is when your partner doesn’t include you in their future plans. When he avoids saying “we” and always instead says “I,” you have a problem. He might just be coasting along in the relationship and is completely happy to keep things casual for as long as he can. There’s probably not a future for you in this relationship if he’s always talking about his future without considering that you’ll be standing by his side.

So tell us, is your guy serious about you, or is he just stringing you along? If you’re tired of meeting guys who aren’t serious about dating, let our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers help.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in South Jersey, contact our matchmakers today. We work exclusively with commitment-minded local singles who are successful and ready to settle down.

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