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You want to be sure your boyfriend is happy in the relationship, right? Happiness means having fun together. And having fun together is imperative to a strong, healthy and successful relationship. If he is asked how he feels about a certain date activity, he is likely to nod in agreement, as not to upset you. But make no mistake that there are certain date ideas he doesn’t enjoy. Our New Jersey matchmaking service put together a list of date ideas that he’s probably tired of getting suckered into with you.

Are you ready to find out what date ideas you need to nix? Read on and find out the four dates you need kiss goodbye.

1. Going to the Club

Most people consider going out to the club an activity for single people trying to find love – or a booty call. It’s not really a great date idea for couples. It’s not only loud and crowded, but there are also many outside influences around you that could put a damper on your night. No guy wants to deal with other guys hitting on their date.

Say you just really like dancing and you want to go out dancing with your new boyfriend. This is understandable, and a lot of people feel exactly the same way as you. But take it from us that there are alternatives, such as dancing classes. Instead of hitting the club where single people go, do something more romantic with your guy.

2. Trying to Do Something on Wheels

Unless he is some sort of professional skater, most guys are totally tired of going ice skating, roller skating, or anything else having to do with balancing on wheels. So many things can go wrong during skating dates. Most importantly, he just really doesn’t want to embarrass himself when he falls in front of you.

Movies and romantic shows make ice skating so magical – and we think it can be too. But believe us when we tell you that most guys don’t think they are as magical as you do. Skating takes hard work and a lot of practice. It isn’t really something you become good at overnight.

3. Going to a Museum

Museums make for some great educational trips, but not so much for a romantic date. When you go to a local museum, you probably aren’t thinking about making your date feels special or giving them any attention at all. We go to museums to learn about history.

It’s understandable to want to share this moment with someone you care about. It’s great that you are sharing your likes and interests with your boyfriend. But if you guys are always going to museums when you have alone time together, he’s probably tired of those dates. Museum dates are great once in a while, but don’t make them an every week thing.

4. Awkward Group Dates

Group dates can be a lot of fun. But they are not a lot of fun for everyone. There is usually someone who might feel left out during a group date. Group dates usually involve a lot of activities and zero time to spend with your date.

Don’t let every date you go on end up being a group date. Guys love to hang out with their dates alone. He’s probably fed up with having to share you with the group all the time when it’s supposed to be just two of you. Again, our New Jersey matchmaking service is all for group dates. Just make sure it’s not your go-to for every date. You need quality time together alone too.

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