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So you’ve been together for a while now.  You are in love with each other and things are going great.  There is absolutely no doubt in your mind that this is the man you want to walk down the aisle with.  The main question is how long do you have to wait for him to put a ring on your finger?  And more importantly, is marrying you even on his mind?

As the leading New Jersey matchmakers and dating coaches, we know that every woman’s dream is to walk down the aisle with her Prince Charming.  But nowadays, men are a little more reluctant to settle down and get married.

Many men prefer to be in a relationship over getting married.  Some men even think they need to wait many years before they would ever thinking about proposing.  But what if you are ready and want to marry him now?  What is a marriage-minded woman supposed to do?

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New Jersey Matchmakers Show You How to Get Him to Propose

A man needs to feel ready to propose or he’ll never do it.  If you think he is almost there and just needs a little push, these simple tips and tricks will do the job.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of psychology to get him to commit to you.

1. Be His Ideal Girlfriend

So you and your man are the ideal team.  You have great times together, your sex life is great, and you can trust him with all your heart.  But take a second and think about other ways you can improve your relationship.

If you really want him to propose to you, you need to make him feel wanted, secure, and special.  By now, it’s clear you know him better than anyone else.  You have learned the things he loves and all those things he hates.  If you want to be his wife, you must first be the perfect girlfriend to him.

Show him that you’re there to fulfill his needs and he’ll want to make you his wife because he won’t want to lose what he has with you.

2. Pamper Him

If you really want him to get down on one knee, make him feel like he can’t live without you.  Take care of him and make him rely on you for certain things, things he can’t imagine not being done by you.  Whether it’s preparing his favorite breakfast treats or making his laundry smell unbelievably fresh, make him feel like having you by his side makes everything in his life better.  Believe us, he won’t want to be a day without you.

3. Be His Number One Cheerleader

Be your man’s personal cheerleader for everything in life.  Whether it’s supporting him while he’s working on a project or encouraging him as he loses weight and gets in shape, you need to be by his side every step of the way.

When he realizes he has a great supporter who is always by his side, he is never going to want to let go of you.  Why would he?  You make him feel like a true champion.

4. Spoil Him

Sometimes men get tired of being the ones who do all the courting, so why not take matters into your own hands and do something generous for him?  Take him out on a romantic picnic, wine and dine him, and show him good old-fashioned romance.  This will melt his heart and make him realize that he has an awesome girlfriend.  This is a simple way to get him taking a step in the right direction to commit and hopefully propose.

5. Be Honest About What You Really Want

If there is one thing we know from being the top New Jersey matchmakers it’s that men can’t read signals.  We get it, ladies.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for many years, if he doesn’t know what you really want, he might never propose.  It doesn’t mean he is against the idea of marriage.  It simply means he just doesn’t know you want to get married.

If you never had the conversation with him, then how can you expect him to propose to you?  It is time to voice your true feelings and come clean about what you really want in life.  He might even agree with you and get down on one knee sooner than you know it.

6. Never Get Comfortable

Getting too comfortable can have disastrous effects on your relationship, particularly if your man enjoys the finest things in life.  It might be easy to get into a routine and let go of yourself, but as the top Jersey matchmakers, we know the importance of maintaining your own independence, identity, and to continue caring for yourself.  We don’t want you to get lazy and comfortable and lose your boyfriend in the process.

Don’t eat junk food every night, don’t give up your friends, and continue pursuing your own hobbies and passions.  There is nothing more attractive than a healthy and independent woman.  Dress up for him and show him just how good looking and confident you are.  Make him realize that you are beautiful and have your own life going on.  This will make him see just how lucky he is to be with you, and before you know it, what you want will soon come true.

7. Don’t Scare Him

Don’t ever make the mistake of scaring a man into a proposal because it will never work.  It is fine to talk to him about it, but it is never okay to give him an ultimatum.  Putting too much pressure on him could potentially scare your man away.  Suddenly, instead of thinking about making a lifelong commitment, he might start thinking about running away.

Remember, ladies, you don’t have to rush into getting married.  You can enjoy the relationship you have and see where things go.  But if you feel like he is almost there, use these tips from our New Jersey matchmakers and he’ll eventually get down on one knee.

If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve a FREE matchmaking consultation today.  Let our experienced matchmakers work their magic and introduce you to marriage-minded men who are a perfect fit for you!

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