“Tech” refers to the combination of many related disciplines and practices, often developed over time but often derived from more foundational elements. Tech is frequently used to describe a particular set of processes, practices, or technology that informs and supports a certain activity. The most common fields encompassing the definition are information technology, computer science, engineering, computer software, and math/computer science. Within these broad categories, other disciplines frequently cross into them, sometimes emerging as sub-fields or even overlapping ones. These include social science (which studies society and culture), applied technology, and business.


In present times, many tech industries are making money by providing a variety of services, from sales and marketing to development and manufacturing. Many tech companies are also self-employed entities, providing their own expertise on a particular topic and developing their own products. A number of tech companies sell technologies designed for commercial use, and others provide training in how to use those technologies in a practical setting. Others sell information technology products directly to end-users, while others sell licensed products through specialized information technology companies.

Several tech companies have been established to focus on particular areas. For example, Sun Microsystems was established to develop and sell technologies related to the field of personal computing. The company is currently working on projects such as the Open Source Operating System (OS), the Linux kernel, and the Apache web server.

Companies such as The Internet Service Provider Association and the Association of Independent Information Technology Professionals also contribute to the definition of tech. These organizations work with a number of tech startups to develop new technology that can benefit consumers. When tech companies make technologies that create good will, they help consumers do more of what they want – enjoy better service, take advantage of cutting edge solutions, and save money. In this sense, tech can be considered as helping to solve some of America’s troubling economic challenges.

As defined above, tech can be any one of a number of different types of technologies. However, it is usually a combination of several different technologies. One example of a popular but versatile tech product is the iPad. Other examples of popular but versatile tech products include Walkman products, digital cameras, mp3 players, microwaves, DVD players, and other electronic goods.

There are many reasons why manufacturing graduates would want to get into the tech industry. Jobs in manufacturing typically pay more, offer solid benefits, and offer a great deal of responsibility. Furthermore, the tech industry is generally considered one of the few “real” jobs out there, as it is an industry with no real face anywhere else in the economy. Because of this, many manufacturing graduates find that getting into one of the many tech companies can be a great way to start their career. Once in a tech company, there are almost endless opportunities for advancement.

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