Travel is the act of moving people from one distant geographical locations to another. Travel can be performed by foot, bike, car, plane, train, bus or other means, using or without luggage, for one or round trip, and can either be one way travel or multi-stop travel. The act of traveling has a number of different levels depending on the method of travel and the destination. A common type of travel is public traveling where as private or chartered travel is more likely to be available to the rich and famous.


Private travel is a kind of travel that does not require a planning permission or the permission of a government authority. This sort of travel is normally organized by an individual or a company on their own behalf with or by a hired vehicle. The company or the individual arranging the travel is referred to as the travel agent whereas the person to be travelled to is referred to as the traveller. In some cases, the travel agency also arranges for the lodging of the travellers at a hotel, inn or camp ground along with taking care of their meals. These are known as’short-term’ or temporary travel arrangements.

Short-term travel can take many forms and the methods of travel used by different people may be totally different. For instance, some people who are going on a vacation may be considering visiting a different place for a week. In this case, they would be looking for a place that offers all the facilities they need in one place. This includes food, lodging, transport, sightseeing, and entertainment. Whereas, long term travelers who are going to a single place for a definite period of time prefer to rent a hotel room or stay in a motel or guest house and use that place as their primary place of residence. One can classify short-term travel as either local travel where one stays in the same locality or national travel where one travels across different countries.

The methods of traveling have also changed over time. When one travels by land, he/she starts at his/her destination and proceeds to another place which is not far from the starting point. In the past, this type of travel was termed as caravanning and was extremely popular among the middle class people. However, in recent times, this has become quite a trend to enjoy a round-the-clock traveling where you do not need any hotel or any place to stay in. Some of these modern ways of traveling are through rail, air, sea and road. A short vacationer might decide to go by sea, train or road as long as it gives him/her an opportunity to see more places.

Non-Routine Travel: Non-Routine travel involves any travel other than those which are mentioned above. It comprises of any travel that is done on a specific schedule without any prior notice or arrangement. An example of such travel could be a vacation offered by the government like the national holidays. This is a kind of non-routine travel that can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of the age, sex, location or status. Another form of non-routine travel that can be enjoyed by everyone is known as trekking. A popular form of trekking is done through hiking and mountaineering.

Any of the three categories mentioned above can give you an unforgettable experience and let us hope that one day you will regret missing the opportunity to take a journey of a lifetime. But the question still remains: what do you really want in travel? Do you want to get away from the humdrum of your daily life and experience a whole new world that is waiting for you? Or do you simply want to make your trip a memorable one?

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