A computer is simply a device that is able to execute sets of instructions or mathematical calculations automatically. Modern computers are able to do generic sets of instructions called instructions. These instructions allow computers to execute a wide array of general-purpose tasks. Computers can store data, manipulate it, and display it in one or more ways.


Computers are used for many purposes ranging from business to entertainment. One of the primary areas in which computers are used is in information technology. Information technology involves the design, development, and use of computer systems for managing and organizing the world’s large supply of data. Business use of computers enables businesses to process information and determine appropriate course of action. Software engineering is one of the fields of computer science that focuses on the creation of software that enables computers and other machines to do particular tasks.

The computer does not work like an organ in that it can only do one type of task at a time. This limitation has forced the computer scientists to find newer, more efficient ways to achieve their desired results. One such advancement is the development of new computer hardware. New microprocessor chips made up of tinier elements have made it possible for computers and their components to perform more than one task at a time. Computer scientists call this ability ‘clustered computing.’

Clustered computing occurs when computers are configured so that they can work in ways that were formerly thought impossible. For instance, digital computers used to run primarily in analog fashion but are now able to run digitally if links between digital and analog parts are built into the chip. This new technology is called a hybrid computer.

Computer programmers are also trying to come up with better ways to communicate with computers and with each other. One problem they are facing is the spread of information technology around the world. This has caused a global shortage of computer programmers who are able to learn the most recent developments in programming languages. Another challenge that has arisen is that of the growing number of different computer programming languages.

Computers and their components cannot be manufactured by a single manufacturer. Instead, many different types of computer components must be combined to create a specific system. Each combination has its own unique function that needs to be considered when developing new computer programs. Computer scientists are trying to make their job even easier by using a more sophisticated tool, known as a language processor. Language processors have been designed to take an abstract idea (the program) and turn it into a clear and concise form of communication.

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