A school is an educational establishment designed for the education of young children under the guidance of qualified teachers. Generally, most countries now have systems of public school education, which may be compulsory or optional. In such systems, students initially progress through a short list of primary schools, which may then progress to secondary schools and eventually to tertiary schools. There are also private schools available in different parts of the world.


Private schools generally admit students of the age they claim, with special consideration to grades and abilities. Parents generally send their children to elementary schools rather than primary and secondary schools, as the standards are usually higher in the latter two categories. The primary education system lays the basic educational foundation, the foundation which children take on in their later life. This means that it is important that children enter this system at an appropriate age.

School psychologists work to promote positive behaviour in students. They work towards reducing the negative impact of peer pressure on children and educating them about the value of academic excellence. School psychologists are generally found in the school administration or a human resource department.

Professional school psychologists can work in a variety of ways within the education system. Some work privately for individual parents, developing services tailored to meet the needs of families. Some work in support of public schools and may work as counselors or therapists at schools or as teachers in specialised classes. Many also work as a school psychologist consultant to government and private school systems. Their work often requires them to develop models that address the issues that face students in various settings and help develop and deliver services that help students to excel academically and socially.

There are many different types of school psychologist working in the United States. In the public school system, these psychologists are found in the generalist school psychologists departments that provide a wide range of services to parents and school districts. These types of psychologists can include Social Service Professionals and Counselors, Social and Developmental Psychologists, Psychological counselors and Health Services Specialists. In the private school system, these psychologists can be found in different types of private schools that focus on a particular discipline such as special education schools or private boarding schools. They may be employed by specialty private schools in areas such as autism, learning disabilities, dyslexia, ophthalmology, sports medicine, or speech language pathology.

School vouchers have been under fire in recent years and it is now a battle between voucher supporters and vouchers opponents. Proponents of vouchers want more vouchers to give parents greater choice for students while vouchers opponents argue that vouchers encourage racial segregation and educational inequality. Although it is not certain how much impact vouchers will have on achievement gaps between children from disadvantaged families and those from advantaged families, there is little doubt that vouchers do offer one thing – more choices. And for those struggling to afford the cost of private school, vouchers do make life easier for many state school students who otherwise would not have been able to afford to go to school.

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