News is essentially information regarding current happenings. This can be offered through a variety of media: print, broadcast, electronic media, newspaper networks, radio, or by the oral testimony of experts and witnesses to various happenings. In popular usage, news is used to refer to any form of reporting on current affairs, events, trends, and happenings that are world wide and affect people everywhere. One can get news from a number of sources. Some common types of news include:

The most popular method of getting news is through newspaper subscriptions. Newspapers generally offer a daily paper for most parts of the country; some include international newspapers in their offerings. A person interested in reading a specific type of news should therefore go through the news section of a newspaper to determine which publications they prefer. Some newspapers also offer free newsreading as part of their services.

There are numerous news agencies and news web sites with a wide range of offerings. They provide information through print and broadcast media. Some of these agencies deal exclusively with newsgathering; others conduct research and offer information and data. The latter type of news agency often supplements its news reports with photos, graphics, maps, charts, and additional relevant material; it is therefore not unlike an ordinary news paper. News agencies often operate as wire services, passing on real-time information to news organizations by fax or by wire transfer. Some news agencies have television feeds; others are simply available through internet streaming.

A number of websites provide updated news on the internet, often including a feed of local news to their subscribers. They usually charge a fee for this service. The information is normally presented in a timely manner, but some sites provide breaking news as soon as the local time. The news will also appear on the social media accounts of the website. This method has been used by a number of individuals and groups to keep people informed about breaking local news.

Some organizations have their own news departments that post regularly scheduled news stories. They can be reached through email, phone calls, snail mail, regular mail, etc. Some news agencies distribute their news automatically by email to their subscribers; others provide news manually to people who request it. News distribution channels fall into two categories: the online channel and the printed news release. The online channel allows people to receive news as soon as they are posted; the printed news release must be mailed or delivered directly to the intended recipients.

In this fast pace modern world, people often find themselves in need of current news very quickly. News agencies are an invaluable service to a number of organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. They are a valuable resource for individuals who want to know what is happening in a particular region at any given time. By distributing daily news and breaking news stories, the news agencies contribute significantly to the world community.

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