A computer is an integrated machine which is able to execute basic logical or arithmetic operations automatically. Modern computers are able to do generalized sets of operations called applications. These applications allow computers to do a wide spectrum of tasks. Computers have various components, like memory, processor, hard disk and operating system.


Desktop computers refer to those machines which are used in the home or in offices. These devices can be categorised into three different types: laptop, desktop and mainframe. Desktop computers are the most popular type of computer used at homes or in offices. Desktop computers have many components such as monitor, keyboard and CPU. A desktop computer connects to the local network and to the Internet.

A laptop is a light weight portable personal computer which can be easily carried around. Laptops connect to the local network through wireless or wired connection. A laptop has many computer components, such as motherboard, processor, hard disk and memory. Laptops also connect to the Internet through wireless or wired connection.

Mainframe computers are large machines, more than one hundred thousand calculations can be done in a second. Mainframes are constructed according to a specific design pattern. A mainframe computer is connected to many other computers through a network or a cable. Mainframes can execute many tasks at the same time, for example, it can calculate the value of a number of prime numbers, determine the solution of a mathematical equation etc. Mainframes are extremely complex machines.

A mainframe is different from a laptop or desktop computer because mainframes are completely enclosed. A desktop computer is connected to the local network and to the Internet through wireless or wired connection. A desktop computer does not contain a mainframe. Laptops have various components, such as hard drive, memory, video card, input and output devices, sound card etc.

The main difference between a laptop and a desktop computer is that laptops are smaller than desktop computers but both run the same software. As for the prices of laptops, they are on the higher side as compared to desktops. If you do not need many applications on your computer then you should go for a laptop. However, if you like to have lots of applications and do real work on your computer then you should buy a mainframe computer.

There are many mainframe computer manufacturers in the market. You can either get a computer from a well known manufacturer, like Dell, Toshiba, HP etc. or you can buy a secondary brand, like E Machines. These computer manufacturers all manufacture different types of mainframes.

In order to find the right mainframe computer for your requirements you will first have to know exactly what you want the computer to do. Do you just need it to carry out basic calculations? Or are you looking for a computer with a large capacity that can carry out complicated mathematical equations? Even though a mainframe computer costs more than other types of computers, the price you pay for a mainframe computer is worth every penny.

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