Technological advances over the past century and a half have resulted in many changes in almost every aspect of life. The most significant of those changes is computer technology. It has largely impacted all aspects of human activity. Computer technology includes the number of computer systems and programs available, their speed or ability to process data, the range of possible applications, their reliability, and their power to handle large amounts of processing. Computer technology is simply the collective term for the many complex processes, skills, techniques, and methods utilized in the creation of products or services, including scientific research, computer programming, telecommunications equipment, electronic equipment, networking, digital and analog information, and the control of machines.


The area of computer technology is growing and changing rapidly. It is a field that is evolving rapidly with new technologies coming on the market virtually every day. In order to remain competitive in this rapidly changing field, it is important to learn new software and technologies. In order to be successful in this field it is essential to have a wide variety of knowledge. It is one of the few areas of study that anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or other comparable field can find work – although the competition may be greater.

There are many new technologies coming out each day that require new skills to keep up with the learning curve. As a result, there are a number of positions that are open in both the technology industry and in freelance projects for those with a wide range of skills. As technology advances more positions will become available for which a variety of technological skills are required. Those who are interested in entering the tech industry with a freelance project may want to consider joining the Association of Independent Consultants (AIC).

The AIC is an independent international technical support specialist organization. Members are from many countries and have an average national salary of around $40k. The members of the association have been hired by large technology companies, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. The AIC offers its members technical support specialists jobs in a variety of areas including web development, software engineering, website development, engineering services, software testing, computer security, e-commerce, telecommunications, and other specialties in information technology management.

In order to be accepted by the AIC one must achieve a national certification through an accredited program. There is a national certification for this particular type of tech jobs and there is also an associated national exam. In order to be certified as a technical support specialist in the information technology industry the person must successfully complete an approved training course as well as pass the national exam. Once a person becomes a certified information technology recruitment specialist, they have the option to join the Association of Independent Consultants as an independent consultant or continue to be employed by their current employer as a hiring manager. Both positions can provide a high level of income for those with an interest in pursuing a career in tech. In addition to the high starting salaries provided by jobs within the IT industry the AIC offers continued job security as well as the opportunity for advancement within the organization.

While the AIC does not actively seek new members for the organization does provide information on the open positions it is currently holding. By taking the time to research open positions it helps to ensure the right candidate is selected for a specific open position when it becomes available. Many tech job openings are not advertised to the general public. It may take some time for an IT recruiting agency to find the right position and then advertise it to the correct candidates. As a result the job search can take some time. If you have an interest in finding a great tech job then becoming a member of the Association of Independent Consultants can benefit you in many ways including networking opportunities with other successful tech job seekers.

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