A computer is an apparatus that is able to execute programs stored in its memory or ROM to perform operations automatically. Modern computers are able to do a wide spectrum of operations including scientific computation, web search, entertainment purposes, etc. Today computer hardware is made up of many different components, that are interconnected with each other. Some computer hardware consists of motherboards, processors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), hard drives, memory modules, random access memory (RAM), and computer software that enable the machine to function.


Motherboards are component that connects the computer hardware to the CPU. It is one of the integral parts of the computer system that controls and enhances the operation of other hardware components. Motherboards provide the interface to the memory controllers and to the storage device for the storage of data. Modern motherboards also support the presence of additional external storage devices like disks, DVD disks, floppy disks, EPROM and compact diskettes.

The microprocessor on the other hand is the central processing unit (CPU) of a personal computer that controls the operation of the various hardware devices. The instructions that are written to the microprocessor are executed by it to execute the task. The microprocessor can execute instructions in the form of instructions that are fed through the keyboard or built-in commands into the computer’s memory to support specific tasks performed by the computer user.

The output device in the personal computer plays a major role in the execution of instructions from the microprocessor. There are mainly two types of input/output devices in personal computers like the keyboard and mouse. The mouse has a port for connecting a mouse pad to the CPU. A printer likewise has an output port connected to the CPU.

In single-user computers, there is only one instance of the microprocessor and all instructions are read and executed from this single instance. The process of the execution of instructions in a single-user computer differs from the multitasking situation in personal computers wherein multiple processes can be executed simultaneously. In multitasking situation, multiple devices can execute independent tasks at the same time but in single-user computers only one instance of the microprocessor is active at any given time.

The presence of an integrated circuit in personal computers includes the integration of the microprocessor with other hardware components such as input and output devices and microcontrollers. Integrated circuits come in the form of discrete logic and digital electronic circuits. They are constructed from general-purpose silicon that can perform numerous tasks. Integrated circuits come in the form of integrated devices and in certain cases microprocessors that are embedded in the fabric of integrated circuits.

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