A computer is a device which is able to execute basic mathematical or logical processes automatically. Modern computers are able to perform wide spectrum of activities such as word processing, calculations, analysis, tracking and mapping. Computers are used for official purposes as well as for entertainment purposes. A computer consists of various parts such as monitor, keyboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, input devices etc. A computer runs on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and MAC. A computer system consists of several components such as bus and storage area network, keyboard, CPU, graphics processing unit (AGP), hard disk, memory card, printer and display.


The computer consists of many different hardware devices such as keyboard, CPU, main memory, graphics processing unit (AGP), hard disk, memory card, printer and display. A computer is divided into several microprocessors such as main processor, microprocessor, random access memory (RAM) and control microprocessor. A microprocessor performs basic arithmetic and logical operations of a computer. Memory chips are responsible for storing the programs and commands which are carried out by the software during operation. Hard disk is used for storage of data and output device is used for input device such as mouse, keyboard, monitor and others.

The term ‘Computing’ is derived from’Computing’ being an’algorithm’. Computer language is complex due to the use of different programming languages. One example of a programming language is Basic which is used in UNIX and other operating systems. In a general computing language a program is a sequence of instructions, usually using a procedure, which produces an output. Programmers use a high-level language like C++ for developing and executing the computer software.

Central processing unit or CPU is the brains of any computer. The CPU has general purpose and some of its functions are executing machine code according to a particular instruction and managing the execution of the program in turn. The CPU has some input and output devices which include permanent memory, random access memory (RAM), I/O ports and input and output devices. The CPU helps in the smooth processing of data and allows the operation of various software running on the computer. The input and output devices make the computer interactive and allow user to manipulate the computer using various tools. The speed of a computer is determined by the input and output devices and the speedometer is used to measure the performance of a CPU.

The central processing unit or CPU is the heart of any computer. Most of the old computers consist of several chips and they are based on main logic engines like mainframe, microprocessor and the personal computer. These computers run on main processing units or microprocessor units. They can be upgraded as per the increasing demands of technology.

The modern computers come with variety of hardware and you can upgrade your personal computer according to your changing needs. The best place to purchase these electronic devices is the internet. There are many online stores who offer these at low prices and you can easily compare different types of computers and their specifications. The best thing about the online shopping is that you can avail the facility of free shipping if you buy from a reputed site.

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