A school is an establishment designed to offer learning environments and learning opportunities for children under the care of qualified teachers. In many countries, a child must pass certain courses in order to gain entrance to a primary school. These courses are usually classroom-based and are often taught by teachers who possess teaching qualifications or by trained school staff. In these systems, children progress from a starting point, generally a nursery school, to pre-school, primary school, secondary school, or tertiary school. They may continue on to college or university at an establishment called a college or university. A number of countries also provide for student education, generally at junior or senior high school.


A university is a general educational institution that offers graduate and post-graduate instruction in several disciplines. It may be a university based on geographical location or on a name given to an independent academic body. Most universities offer students the opportunity to complete an online education program in which coursework and other educational opportunities are carried out via correspondence. A number of universities exist in different countries with separate educational institutions for men and women and/or ethnic backgrounds.

A school offers instruction in the same way a university does. The terms of a contract between an employer and an employee describe the relationship between the parties, including the parties’ responsibility to each other, and the employees’ right to participate in the scheme created by the employer. A school provides its pupils with formal education that is usually based on prescribed courses approved by the state. In some instances, private schools may provide private education, subject to regulations regarding admission to public or private universities.

A school has different meaning within different regions and communities. In rural areas, it usually means a school located in the vicinity of the family. This school provides instruction in a controlled environment, such as a house or a block. In big cities, a school is often a comprehensive educational institution such as a college. It is a part of the general educational system of the city. Private schools and academies are generally established to serve the needs of the pupils.

Students can enroll in a school either on their own accord or on behalf of someone else. Enrollment at a school can be voluntary or mandatory. A student may be forced to enroll in a particular educational institution for various reasons. This could include an accident or an unfortunate incident that left the child unable to continue in his/her previous educational institution. Another reason could be the shift of work from one area to another or the need for higher education. A student who wishes to continue his/her studies can often apply to join the nearest university after completing high school.

There is confusion over what the source of the word’school’ is. School, as the spelling indicates, is a noun that denotes instruction given in schools. ‘collegiate’ has nothing to do with it. But there is a related word ‘college’ that denotes authority, dignity or class occupied by members of an establishment. Therefore, from the etymology point of view, it is clear that school means ‘direction or authority’.

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