6 Elements of News

The abbreviation TODAY stands for Today, headlines, news and sports. Other than the above, different authors and news analysts have defined News as the contents that are transmitted by means of mass media like the newspapers, radios, televisions, etc. A news item consists of the following elements:

The first element of the news is the heading. It should provide an introduction of the matter and the reason why the news is being carried out at this particular moment. Some news items carry the meaning of the entire report along with the first sentence, while some news items contain the meaning of the next sentence and so on. The meaning of the headline is very important to the reader as he will form his impression about the subject upon reading the news.

The second element of news is the story itself. News items carry a variety of forms. For instance a story might be related to the political career of an individual like the first lady of the United States or the prime minister of India. The meaning of the story will remain the same irrespective of the platform from where it is being aired.

The third part of news is the write-up. The write-up is a written article that carries more details about the matter in discussion. It has the general meaning of news but the way it is written varies from paper to paper. Some newspapers carry whitewash reviews which are the unbiased reviews about the book, newspaper, etc.

The fourth element of news is the editorial board. The editorial board provides its own view about the subject under discussion. Some news items carry the meaning of antedating which means premature. Antedating means being late or behind. Therefore antedating news will be news that is already behind the time. A news item on augmentation which is also known as whitewash, does not indicate that it is being done prematurely.

The fifth element is the quote. Quotes provide the important insights and views about the topic. They have great significance when they are used in news. The quotes are also very useful in providing information to people who do not know much about the topic but need to know something about it.

The six elements of news are antedating, Gilgamesh, jul, news analysis, and the quote. The antedating news article is usually very recent in nature and carries new information for the readers. The Gilgamesh news article is a kind of mixed news article. It is an old but important report which is being antedated so that it can influence the readership. The news analysis news articles are also of great importance because these news articles contain scientific statements.

Finally, the last element of news is the quote. It is the best thing to put in news articles because this is a very important piece of information that is being passed on to the readers. Some news articles are meant to provide information to the readers but in this case the quote is used as a reference point in case if some information is not present in the news report. In this case the quote serves as a supplement.

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