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First dates can be super fun and exciting, but they’re known for being nerve-wracking and scary, as well.  Everyone has to go on first dates; after all, it’s the only way you can find love.  First dates are a lot of things, but they’re mostly awkward.  You are nervous about talking to a stranger, wondering whether or not to reach for your drink, and trying your hardest to come off as positive and fun, all while trying to make a good impression.

Then, sometimes you get lucky and have a wonderful first date.  Things seem to go smoothly, you have a great connection with them, and you feel like you got lucky—finally.  You are just happy you finally made a connection with someone and truly enjoyed a first date.

Today, our upscale Jersey matchmakers here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs your first date was a success.

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1. You Were Yourself

If you can be your true self on your first date, then your first date was a success.  There is no way this date won’t transform into a second date (and hopefully a third and a fourth).  You always hope that you can be your true self on a date, but that hasn’t been happening for you lately.  When you were going out on dates, you were holding yourself back and not revealing your true colors, that is until this date came along.  This time you were able to show them who you really are as a person.

If you find yourself on a first date where you’re able to show your true colors and real personality, then that date was a success.  Hopefully he or she is showing their true self, too.  Otherwise, your fabulous personality might be wasted on someone who isn’t right for you.  But hopefully, if you’re yourself and things seem to be going well, they are themselves, too.

2. You Laughed A Lot

In the perfect world, you would burst out laughing during your first date because fun dates are the most attractive dates, and the couple that laughs together will stay together forever.  Okay, as upscale Jersey matchmakers, we know that’s not always the case, but we’re all allowed to dream.  You don’t want to be so serious on your first date that you scare your date away.

So how do you know the first date was a success?  When all you remember was laughing and having a good time.  If you and your date shared funny stories and had each other laughing endlessly, then that was a successful first date.  You totally deserve this because you’ve definitely had your fair share of bad first dates; in fact, just thinking about all those awful first dates infuriates you.

3. You Didn’t Get Annoyed

As professional matchmakers, we know there is at least one annoying moment on every first date.  Who are we kidding, there are usually many more, right?  You know exactly what we’re talking about, those frustrating and confusing moments that leave you with a blank stare.  After all, you are meeting a total stranger and don’t really know them.  Maybe you think they’re being rude and insulting when they just have a different sense of humor or personality than yours.

So how do you know your first date was a success?  When you don’t feel annoyed by the person across from you and honestly can’t remember a bad thing about them.

4. The Time Flew By

The fact of the matter is that a one-hour first date might seem perfect for people with busy schedules and a hectic life, and you certainly don’t want to waste more than that on a bad date.  You know you are having a bad first date when you or your date start watching the clock.  Plain and simple, if you’re both looking at the clock, it’s a bad date.

However, if you had a good first date, then you and your date weren’t worrying about the time.  Maybe your one-hour date transformed into a two or three-hour date, and that’s a fabulous date!

Of course, this definitely depends what time of day and what day of the week it is, because you wouldn’t want to continue a date on a Monday night when you have to get up early for work the next day.  But if the date takes place on a Friday, it goes from 9 to 11 pm, and you can’t wait to see each other again, then you have your answer: it was a successful first date.  If you can spend a few hours with a stranger talking endlessly and not worrying about the time, then it was a successful first date.

5. You Were Honest

If you are comfortable and able to be honest with someone you just met, that’s a great sign for you.  You can be sure there was a connection when you can talk openly and your date shows interest in everything you’re saying.  Sometimes you bring up your childhood, college days, or talk about a best friend and your date doesn’t show any interest.  Obviously, that’s a bad first date.

If your date seems bored or could care less about your stories, then you did not make a connection with them.  However, if you and your date were honest with each other and interested in the other’s stories, then that was a successful first date.  If you feel comfortable sharing your memories from childhood, things about your college days, giving insight to your friends and family, or even work related things, then it was a successful first date.

These are the top five signs of a successful first date.  How many do you see from your first date?  If you notice these signs, there’s guaranteed mutual desire.  We hope it transforms into a second, third, and fourth date, and ultimately a happy and healthy relationship.

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