Top 5 Secrets Online Dating Sites in New Jersey Keep from You

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Let’s go back in time a little, back to when the internet was just coming out.  The year was 1995 when the first online dating site was created.  Back then, only 14% of Americans had access to the internet, so people were still meeting each other the good old fashioned way, in real life.

But then everything suddenly changed when everyone gained access to the internet.  Oh, yes, that’s when online dating sites started flooding the industry.  Fast forward to today and we have so many online dating sites we can’t even keep up.  It’s a big business, absolutely, but does it work?  Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers will show you the top five secrets online dating sites in New Jersey don’t want you to know about.

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1. Adulterers Flood the Sites

It’s true, one of the biggest secrets online dating sites in New Jersey don’t want you to know is that their biggest clients are adulterers.  Yes, you read that right!  Online dating sites cater to serial adulterers.  Adulterers are big business to online dating sites and will return to the sites over and over again.  The statistics are there, simply Google them.  With dating sites being so simple to find quick hookups, it provides the perfect place for cheaters.

2. There’s a Lot of Money to Be Made

Many premium dating sites in New Jersey offer subscriptions via monthly payments over a year period.  The longer it takes you to find love, the cheaper the membership will be, right?  But what are the chances of finding love online?  And even so, memberships aren’t always as cheap as one thinks.  They can be anywhere from $30 to $50, all the way up to $100/month.  Some dating platforms are free; however, as soon as you sign up, you’ll see exactly why.

3. They Prompt People to Make Bad Decisions

It’s true, the people who use online dating sites in New Jersey are prone to making unwise decisions.  With an array of singles to choose from, people have more options than they do in real life, leading many to make the wrong choices in their dating life.  Many people who use online dating sites as a tool to meet someone are there as a last resort.

4. Many Profiles Are Not Even Real

Many of the top online dating sites in New Jersey are full of profiles that are inactive.  In fact, many dating sites have 90% of profiles inactive.  Yes, that’s 90% inactive, leaving only 10% that are actually up and running.  And many of the profiles used to lure users in are not even real.  Online dating sites are known for creating fake accounts to gain your interest and get you to sign up.

5. Everyone Is Judged Based on Looks

The superficial world of online dating revolves around—you got it—looks.  Don’t believe us, sign up and find out for yourself.  Online dating sites and mobile dating apps have given people too many options and are emphasizing looks over everything.  People are browsing singles like they’re flipping through a catalogue, similar to window shopping.  The average online dater doesn’t have a PR team, so if they don’t immediately look attractive, they’ll be skipped over.  In a world where people want everything right away, if someone doesn’t have a stunning photo, they’ll quickly be bypassed.

These are the top five secrets online dating sites in New Jersey keep from you.  If you knew these things, they know you would never sign up.  It’s our job as matchmakers to reveal the shocking secrets the online dating industry keeps from you.

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