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Are you one of the many single women in Cherry Hill who is struggling on first dates?  Don’t worry, this blog is for you!  When it comes to first dates, it seems like everyone always wants to give you advice, right?  Even if it’s not the right advice.  We get it, we know that everyone becomes a dating guru when you mention you have a first date coming up.  Your friends, mom, sister, and even your dad all chime in and give you their two cents, which obviously increases your stress and anxiety and makes you a nervous wreck.

Sometimes their advice can be used, while other times it’s outdated or just doesn’t sound fitting for you.  First dates are anxiety-filled for everyone, even the best daters.  If you are one of the many single women in Cherry Hill who is ready to find love, it’s time to employ these expert first date dos & don’ts from our dating coaches here at South Jersey Matchmakers.

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1. Don’t look at it as an audition.

It’s easy to let the nerves get the best of you as you try to present the best version of yourself.  Of course you’re trying to get a second date, but if you act like you’re at a job interview and get all tied up in knots, you’re going to scare your date.

You are smart, funny, and charismatic, so those fabulous things on your date.  Do not bombard him with rehearsed questions that sound like a professional interview.  Remind yourself that you have to be personable and appealing.  It might take a drink to calm your nerves, but don’t drink too much and cross the line.  A glass of wine over dinner will ease your nerves and help you feel relaxed.

2. Don’t dress too provocatively.

Many single women in Cherry Hill make the mistake of dressing too provocatively on first dates, and this is a major dating no-no.  We understand that you want to show all your assets, but instead of dressing provocatively and ruining your chances with him, go for something more conservative.  Do you really need a sexy little dress and six inch heels to grab a coffee?  What if the date goes well and he asks you to go for ra walk around the park?

On a first date, you need to wear something that makes you look good, feel good, and that you actually move around in.  Wearing a dress that restricts your movements or makes you fidget all night is not the way to impress him.

3. Do date men outside your normal type.

Sure, you might be into tall, tan, and athletic men, but where are those guys right now?  They clearly aren’t in a relationship with you.  Too often, single women in Cherry Hill make the mistake of always going after the same type of guy—time after time.  As professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that dating within your type is very limiting and prevents you experiencing new things—and most importantly, it hinders your chances of finding true love.

This isn’t to say that you need to say yes to any man that asks you for a date, but you should definitely broaden your horizons and date outside your type.  Who knows, your ideal man might be someone who you would never have given a second thought.

4. Do make moves.

You know how annoying it is for someone to keep dropping hints instead of just coming out and saying it?  Did you know that guys aren’t that good at hints?  They literally need it to be put in front of their faces to get it.  If you’re waiting for the guy to make all the moves, you could be waiting forever—and missing out on great dating opportunities.

Instead of dropping hints, come out and say that you’re interested.  If you really want to go on a second date, say it before it’s too late.  Don’t worry that you’re being needy, because you’re not.  You’re simply saying what you want, which most men will appreciate.

5. Don’t be on your phone.

Many women use their phones as a clutch to fall back on when they’re feeling nervous on a date, and some just can’t get off their phones because they’re glued to social media.  Being on your phone on a date is a huge turn off.  Do you really have to post a picture of your cocktail and interrupt him in the middle of conversation?  Being on your phone the whole time can make you look like you’re not into him or that you would rather be elsewhere.  It will also make you come off as self-absorbed.  Having your nose buried in your phone will make it harder for him to get to know you, and that is the whole point in your first date.  Come on, ladies, Facebook and Instagram can wait a few hours.  If you already know you can’t stay off your phone, leave it in your car.

6. Do something out of the ordinary.

Coffee dates are great, and here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we encourage our clients to meet for coffee for a couple of reasons.  They’re perfect because they don’t require too much time, money, or efforts.  Dinner dates are also great but a little more high-maintenance and take a little longer.  Movie dates are useless because you can’t talk and get to know each other.

Doing something out of the ordinary, now that’s what makes you stand out from the competition.  Date ideas like amusement parks, rock climbing, and bowling are great because they remove the anxiety of the date and let you interact in different environments.  The adrenaline rush will also help you feel closer and more connected to one another.  Plus, since you’ll be doing an activity together, there’s will always be something to talk about, which means no awkward silences.

If you haven’t had much luck landing second dates, follow these first date dos and don’ts from our expert matchmakers and make your next first date a great one.

If you are one of the many single women in Cherry Hill who is looking for love, contact our expert matchmakers here at South Jersey Matchmakers today by filling out the private survey at the top of the page and reserving your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation.  We not only provide you quality introductions with relationship-minded men you’re likely to hit it off with, but we also provide you dating coaching and support every step of the way.  Our goal is not only to introduce you to someone special but also to help you create a meaningful relationship that will last.

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