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Are you tired of meeting self-centered guys? Are you sick of dating arrogant and cocky men? Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we know frustrating and grueling it is for women who constantly encounter these self-absorbed guys in the New Jersey dating scene.

After all, near the top of everyone’s list of turn-offs in a potential partner – or even a casual date – is excessive self-absorption and arrogance. No one enjoys feeling their only role is to smile and nod in amazement at someone else’s incredible life, or to constantly cater to someone else’s opinion, tastes and wants and needs.

The best way to avoid this is to know how to spot it before you get too involved. If you’re just starting to see a guy, you need to be on the lookout for the following warning signs that will show you that he’s obsessed with himself. Read on as South Jersey Matchmakers reveals how to spot a self-centered guy from the get-go.

1. He isn’t afraid to show off.

He simply knows he’s the best and isn’t scared to put himself first. The last thing on his mind is worrying about people ridiculing him for showing off since he’s convinced himself that he’s better than everyone else. In his mind, he’s absolutely amazing at everything in life and that he deserves to receive endless praise from everyone around.

If you catch him constantly wearing flashy clothes or showing off his success, it’s because he thinks he deserves it more than anyone in the world. While he most likely worked hard to get where he is in life, he definitely doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

2. He thinks he is always right.

This can be one of the most annoying things to experience when you’re just starting to date a guy who is obsessed with himself. If you constantly catch him insisting that he’s right about everything in life, then he’s self-obsessed. It seems like no one ever told him that he was wrong, not even once in his life, and he is now convinced that he knows everything there is to know about life – better than you and everyone else too.

While he might me a very smart guy with a lot of knowledge, we’re getting the vibe that there is more to the story. He’s probably right a lot of the time and has convinced himself that he knows everything there is to know. Don’t even wasted your time trying to argue with someone so unwilling to analyze – or even entertain – another person’s point of view.

3. He is known for breaking hearts.

You definitely want to stay far away from someone who’s known for breaking hearts. There is absolutely no reason why you should be spending time with someone who loves to break women’s hearts.

If the word on the street is that he’s known for breaking hearts everywhere he goes, it’s best to skip over this guy completely. He totally has a love of power and loves to hurt women. We’re getting the feeling that he’ll go out of his way to hurt someone. Do you want that someone to be you? No way!

4. He’s easily offended.

Don’t get us wrong, most people are easily offended. However, if you notice that he often gets hostile towards someone just because they made a joke about him, or even just disagreed with his choice or opinion, he is totally self-obsessed. It’s safe to say that it’s because his ego is too big and sees everything as a challenge – better yet, a personal attack.

Ugh, ladies, life is too short to get stuck dating a self-centered guy. Save yourself the hassles and learn how to spot and avoid them from the beginning.

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