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As a woman, you’ve probably had your fair share of bad dates, bad matches, and even bad relationships.  Every woman has a few dating horror stories they like to tell their friends when they’re having a few drinks.  There are guys you probably wish you would’ve ditched sooner but who now provide you funny stories to laugh about with your gal pals.  But then there are those guys who are really trouble and end up being more than just a few laughs.  These are the guys who are seriously not the right type of guys for you wind up with.  The worst part of all is that you don’t realize it until it’s too late.

You’ve already experienced many bad relationships, so you need to wake up and realize the telltale warning signs that he’s going to be a bad partner.  Consider this your wakeup call and let our South Jersey dating service show you the warning signs you need to dump him right away.

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1. He’s Abusive

This one is a big no-no.  If your boyfriend is abusive, you need to break up with him today.  If you’ve been hurt in any way, you need to leave him right now.  Abuse comes in many different forms.  We’re all familiar with physical abuse, which makes us sick.  However, you can also be emotionally, mentally, and intimately abused.  If your boyfriend makes you feel unsafe or hurts you in any way, you need to leave him today.  Don’t stick around to see how bad things could get.

2. He’s Controlling

This one goes hand in hand with abuse.  You might think it’s cute that your boyfriend checks up with you throughout the day, but there’s a difference between being curious and controlling.  Curious is calling you once to see what you’re up to, while controlling is calling you several times and demanding to know where you’re at and what you’re doing.

Controlling is forcing you to give up your girls’ nights out to spend time with him.  Controlling is demanding you send pictures to prove you’re actually there.  If you feel like you’re not allowed to do anything without his permission, then he is controlling.  You are an independent woman who is free to do as she wants.  You deserve a man who isn’t controlling and lets you make your own decisions.

3. Your Best Friends Hate Him

Every woman has dated a guy who her friends weren’t fond of.  Maybe your friends think your boyfriend is too tall for you, too corporate, too cocky, or too quirky.  They might think his hair is too slick or tell you something else about him that is bothersome to them.  They roll their eyes when he comes around, but he’s just perfect to you.  It doesn’t really matter if your friends have a few things they dislike about him.  But if your friends really hate him and have valid reasons to be concerned, you need to listen to them.

It’s one thing if your friends don’t like his sense of style, but it’s another if all your friends are pointing out something he is doing because that’s a warning sign.  Your friends know better than anyone what is going on, and you might not realize it because you have your love goggles on.  Maybe they’re saying he flirts with other women when you’re not looking or that he puts too many alcoholic beverages down and still drives home.  If it’s more serious concerns, it’s time to put your feelings aside and listen to your friends.

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