What Do Single Women in New Jersey Need to Do on 1st Dates?

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Many single women in New Jersey believe they’re the only ones who think about the expectations of a first date, but it goes both ways.  As well-established professional matchmakers in New Jersey, we know it takes two people to make a great first date, and it takes two to create a successful relationship.  Women might believe they’re the picky sex, but men are just as picky, especially when it comes to choosing a woman to settle down with.

Our professional matchmakers work with men on a daily basis, so we know firsthand what relationship-minded guys want single women in New Jersey to do on first dates.  If you want to improve your success and have an awesome first date, you need follow this helpful advice from our dating and relationship experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers.

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1. Eat without making a fuss or complaining.

That’s right, ladies, men want you to eat something on your first date.  It is completely acceptable not to eat if you’re just meeting for coffee or drinks, but if he invited you out to eat, do not say you’re not hungry or that you already ate.  Believe it or not, this makes men very uncomfortable.  As a matter of fact, it’s a downright turn off.

2. Enjoy your time together.

Sounds crazy, right?  That’s right, men want single women in New Jersey to go out and have fun on a first date.  All jokes aside, that’s the whole point of a first date.  You must go out and try your best to have a good time.  Don’t be too nervous or serious and spoil the date.  Dating is supposed to be fun, so what’s stopping you from lightening up and having fun?  Let’s agree from now on to make every first date relaxed, lighthearted, and fun.  Take it from us, men are drawn to a woman who is easygoing and fun.

3. Stay relaxed.

You heard that right, ladies, men want you to be relaxed and calm.  Don’t go out putting too much pressure on your dates and spoil the time you have together.  We get it, you want to find love, and you’re tired of dating.  But as professional matchmakers, we know that if you put too much pressure on the man you’re meeting, you’re going to ruin the date.  Imagine how you would feel if men did this to you every time you went out.  From now on, head out to your dates feeling cool, calm, and collected and enjoy the date for what it is.

4. Ask him questions.

There is nothing men hate more than when a woman dominates the entire conversation.  Of course you want to talk about yourself, but if you spend 20 minutes talking nonstop about your life, then you’re talking too much.  You’re on a date, not hanging out and gossiping with your friends.  If you want to get to know him, you’re going to have to ask him questions, and you cannot do that when you’re talking about yourself the whole date.  Sure, you might get nervous and feel like the only way to avoid those awkward silences is by talking a lot, but if you remember to calm down and take a deep breath, you’ll both enjoy the date more.

5. Don’t make it feel like a job interview.

First dates can cause a lot of nervousness, which makes many people fire up too many questions.  Of course questions are very important, but too many of them will make the date feel like an interview.  Instead of giving him a list of questions, chat with him like he was your friend.  This will allow conversation to flow naturally.  Sure, you’re going to have to ask him a few questions to get to know him, but don’t make them feel rehearsed and boring.

6. Open up a little more.

After talking to many men, there’s one thing we here again and again.  Too many single women in New Jersey go on dates being closed off and unwilling to open up. Of course you shouldn’t reveal your whole life story and all your deepest and darkest secrets since it’s only a first date, but you can share your goals, dreams, and aspirations with him.  It’s okay to tell him how much you love your job and why, along with what you plan on accomplishing in the future.  It’s also cool to talk about your favorite shows, books, and movies and what you do in your spare time.  Tell him about your favorite travel destinations or how much you love spending time volunteering and catching up with your friends.  Ladies, remember that it’s all about finding the right balance between opening up and letting him talk.

7. Show your interest in him.

This one is very important.  If you are interested in him, make sure you show it.  Men aren’t that great when it comes to reading clues or taking hints, so if you find him attractive and are having a good time, make sure you say it.  Don’t be one of those women who plays hard to get or acts like she’s super busy and has no time to return a phone call.  Playing games like this will only push men away.

8. Laugh at his jokes.

Men not only want you to laugh at their jokes, but they want you to have a sense of humor and be able to relax and have a good time.  Nobody wants to be in the company of someone is overly serious and unable to lighten up.

Sure, that serious personality might have gotten you up the career ladder, but it’s not going to do you any good with men, and this is something that goes for both sexes.  Instead of showing a tough exterior, go and enjoy the date, laugh at his jokes, relax and have a good time.

Ladies, you have the upper hand now.  This is how to have a great first date from now on.  Shhh, don’t tell them we told you!

If you’re ready to be in a serious relationship, contact our matchmakers today and let us introduce you to the love you deserve.  To take advantage of a 90 minute FREE matchmaking consultation, fill out the survey at the top of the page.

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