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We’ve all been there before: you’re really into someone but aren’t quite sure they feel the same way as you. You’re attracted to each other, you have a great connection, and you think things are heading in the right direction. But how do you know he’s the real deal? How do you know he’s ready for a real commitment without coming out and asking him?

As NJ matchmakers with 30 years in the New Jersey dating industry, we have all the answers you need. Since men aren’t always the greatest at coming out and expressing their true feelings, it’s up to you to know the signs he’s getting attached to you.

If you’re growing attached to him, it’s normal to want to know where he stands with you. Get ready to learn the telltale signs he’s ready for a real commitment with you.

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1. He makes you a priority.

No matter how busy he is or what’s going on in his life, if he’s making you a priority, then you already have your answer. If he goes out of his way and rearranges his schedule or cuts back on spending time with the guys, it’s because he wants to see you and spend time together.

2. He’s always there for you.

When a guy is not serious about committing to a woman he won’t be there during the tough times. If your guy is there for you when things get rough, then you know he’s serious about you.

3. He’s putting in efforts with your family and friends.

The last thing a guy who’s not serious about you would ever do is put efforts into getting to know your family and friends. If your guy puts forth efforts to find out about – better yet, spend time with – your friends and family, then you can guarantee he’s doing it because he sees a future with you.

4. He lets you in on his plans.

If he is always sure to let you know what he’s up to, then it’s because he cares for you. If he gives you the rundown of his plans, especially if it’s to let you know he won’t be able to get to his phone, it’s so you’re not worried. He’s already thinking ahead about how you feel and doesn’t want you wondering.

5. He introduces you to his friends and family.

Not only has he introduced you, but he brings you around all the time. If your guy brings you around those he’s closest to, it’s because he sees a future together. When a guy isn’t looking to commit, there’s no reason to introduce a woman to those he cares about.

6. He worries about you.

Does he worry about you? if he hasn’t heard from you in a while does he get worried if you’re okay? And we’re not talking about insecurities and the need for your attention here. We’re talking about him ensuring you’re safe. If he cares enough to show you that he worries about you, then he’s attached and serious about you.

As matchmakers, we know there are many reasons to know how your guy feels about you. After all, once you know he’s attached to you too, you can pursue your new relationship with security and comfort.

If you’re single and searching for love in New Jersey, contact our NJ matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-ready men who are fit to date and compatible with you.

To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.

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