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Perfecting the balance between time spent together and the amount of space you give your partner to himself can be hard to do in any relationship. Giving him too much time to spend away might seem like you don’t care, and you run the risk of allowing your relationship to take a turn for the worst. On the other hand, New Jersey upscale matchmakers know that spending too much time together could also be detrimental, causing you both to neglect other important parts of life.

One of the biggest risks to a relationship when couples neglect their personal time is invading each other’s private space, which can result in resentment, fights, and eventually a breakup. So where do you stand in your relationship?

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Respecting Your Partner’s Space

A lot of articles have been written about space in a relationship and how important it is to have it because we, as humans, need our own private space, regardless if we’re in a relationship or not. There are many homes which have man caves where the man of the house can go to gather his thoughts and recharge his batteries. What ladies need to understand is that men need their own space, and failure to give it to them will result in a breakup.

Signs You Are Smothering Your Boyfriend

The more your boyfriend feels you are taking his space away, the more of these signs he will show (if you know what to look for). However, sometimes men don’t show these signs but still feel smothered inside. Today, New Jersey upscale matchmakers will show you the signs to keep an eye for, signs that will let you know you are smothering your boyfriend and putting your relationship at risk.

1. Body Language

Body language is a great way to interpret your boyfriend’s feelings without him having to say a word. You need to look for is his body’s reactions when you’re around to gauge if he’s feeling suffocated by you. Are his feet always turned away from you? When he hugs you, does his upper body turn away as an escape form? Then, you can bet your every dollar he is looking to get away from you.

Another thing to keep an eye for is eye contact. People devote eye contact to those they want to spend time with, so if your boyfriend is frequently avoiding eye contact with you, it is because he is looking for an escape.

2. He Is Always in a Different Room

Does your boyfriend spend most of his time doing cooking, cleaning, working on his car, or gardening? Well, your friends might tell you that you found the perfect boyfriend, but the fact of the matter is that he is doing things around the house just to get some time away from you.

You need to be honest with yourself: if he goes to another room to read a book, to get on the computer, or just to relax, then you are suffocating him by spending too much time together. If he is always getting up and moving to another room or seat when you come around, then he is simply looking for an escape to do his own things.

3. He Is Ignoring Your Calls

Of course there comes a time when you both need to be apart, whether it’s to go to work or run errands, but since we live in a world where we are always connected (thanks to smartphones), you might find it too easy to check up on him. Maybe he once used to answer all your calls and text messages, but he doesn’t answer you now. If this sounds familiar, this is because he is looking for some time on his own and feels like you’re always imposing on his time.

4. He Is Encouraging You to Do Things

Why don’t you go out with Pam to grab some coffee? You should go out for a nice run around the neighborhood. You should enroll in that Japanese cooking class you always talk about, I don’t mind.

If you are hearing these words of encouragement from your boyfriend, our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know he might not be saying it because he cares or is being lovey dovey. Instead, he might be telling you these things because he wants to have his own space to do the things he enjoys doing. All he is looking to do is try to convince you to leave him alone, even if it’s just for a few hours. And we encourage you to follow his advice. It is healthy for both of you to pursue your own hobbies and interests apart from one another.

5. He Is Starting to Get Irritated

Arguing has become an everyday thing now. He snaps at you, yells at every request, and responds sarcastically to everything you say. You might think that he has fallen out of love and feel that’s the reason he is treating you this way, but the truth of the matter could be that he simply needs his own space. Men need to check out for a few hours to do their own things; otherwise, they become very irritable.

Did you notice a few of these signs in your boyfriend lately? If so, don’t despair, ladies. Things can be changed for the better, as long as you’re aware of what to do. You need to give your boyfriend more space of his own. Whether it is by hanging out with your friends, keeping busy with your own hobbies and interests, or visiting family members, start doing things on your own. Stop suffocating your boyfriend and let your relationship flourish once again. If you keep suffocating him, you run the risk of ruining your relationship. Let him recharge the batteries and free his mind.

This situation isn’t just about your boyfriend needing his own time and you giving it to him. Our New Jersey upscale matchmakers know it’s important for both partners in a relationship to have time, hobbies and interests, and friends and family of their own. You want to maintain your sense of individuality if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship that makes it to the finish line.

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