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Whether you’re single, in a committed relationship, or somewhere in between, dating is an inevitable part of your life, and with dating comes mistakes. Everyone is guilty of making a few mistakes in their romantic life. But if you want to improve your chances of finding love next year, then you’re going to have to make some dating resolutions for 2018 and start now.

Hopefully, 2017 taught you a few valuable lessons. But here are a few resolutions our New Jersey matchmaking service knows everyone could stand to make to ensure 2018 is the best year for dating yet.

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1. Delete All Your Dating Apps

Swiping left and right based on looks quickly loses its appeal. And after a while, it becomes pretty obvious that everyone using dating apps is looking for sex. If you’re looking for true love, Tinder and other dating apps are useless. There are much better paths to love than dating apps, so do yourself a favor and delete them from your phone today.

2. Delete Your Online Dating Profiles

Similar to deleting all your dating apps, we want you to delete your online dating profiles. Yes, every single one. People using online dating sites aren’t serious about dating either, so you’re just wasting your time. And let’s not forget all the frustrations and dangers associated with online dating sites.

3. Meet People in Person

Assuming you go out in public most days, you’re probably passing many possible dates without even knowing it. Why? Because you’re glued to your phone and checking out Tinder. No one is suggesting you approach every person you see, but it doesn’t hurt to smile at a stranger and possibly strike up a conversation when you get the chance. Not only does it increase your chances of finding that special someone, but it boosts your dating confidence.

4. Let Go of Your Type

Whether you always go for blondes or athletic guys, you’re probably missing out on great catches because you’re too closed minded. As matchmakers, we know that the love of your life could be hiding in unexpected places and could look nothing like you expect. But you’ll never know unless you give them a shot.

5. Be More Creative with Your Dates

If you’re tired and fed up of the same date ideas (coffee, drinks, or dinner), then why not suggest a different date activity? People out there will be impressed with someone who takes a little initiative and does something outside the box when it comes to planning dates.

6. Ask Your Friends to Set You Up

Granted, as matchmakers, we know that blind dates from friends are usually awful, but you’ll at least get a good story out of it, right? Plus, your friends will stopping bugging you about that “hot guy” or “hot girl” from their office their wanted to introduce you to, right?

7. End the On & Off Relationship

You know that relationship you’re in right now, the one that is on and off every now and then? Well, end it now because you’re just wasting your time. You already know it isn’t going anywhere, so why put another second into it? It’s time to say goodbye to them for once and for all.

8. Go After What You Want

Everyone wishes for the perfect man or woman to come knocking at their door. But that’s never going to happen. Unfortunately, love rarely falls in your lap. It is up to you go out and get it. Instead of waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come knocking at your door, go search for them.

Another year has come and gone, and the new year is right around the corner. Make 2018 the best year for your dating life by following these effective dating resolutions from our New Jersey matchmaking service.

Your resolutions can really make a difference, so take some time to think about the ones we just gave you. Write them down and follow through. Now is the time to visualize your future and work on becoming the best version of yourself and the best partner you can be when you finally find that special someone.

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