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Are you looking for ways to spend more time with your girlfriend and make her feel special? Our matchmaking professionals here at South Jersey Matchmakers will teach you simple things you can do to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated every day of the year.

When you are just starting to date there aren’t enough things you can do for each other, wouldn’t you agree?
You constantly look for ways to make your girlfriend feel loved, you’re always eager to please her and put a smile on her face, but love goes through many stages.

Whether you are still infatuated by your woman or are deeply in love with her, the easiest way to let her know you care is by being affectionate with her. If you have been in a relationship for a while, the cheesiest things people do when they start dating might not work for you. And that’s completely acceptable; after all, you can’t go on in life doing cheesy things forever.

Things You Can Do for Your Girlfriend to Show Her Your Love

As the relationship gets older, the man usually stops trying to impress his woman since he has already wooed and won her. And this is where women’s insecurities come into play. If you truly love your girlfriend and would love nothing more than to make her feel loved, then it’s time to start being romantic. Being affectionate with her shows her that you truly love and care for her.

By adding a little more love and fun, both of you can have a happy and healthy relationship. After all, if your woman is happy, you will be happy too. It’s a win-win situation.

Things You Can Do for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Loved & Appreciated

Remember, the sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend are always the smallest things. It’s the small gestures done when she is least expecting them that will show her you care. Today, our professional matchmaking staff here at South Jersey Matchmakers will teach you how to make your girlfriend happy all the time.

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1. Give Her a Back Massage

Most men underestimate how far a massage can go. Give her a nice massage after a long day at the office, and trust us, your girlfriend will thank you for this sweet gesture.

2. Go Out Spontaneously

If both of you aren’t usually the type to relax at home in the evenings, plan something spontaneous like going out for her favorite ice-cream or going to a comedy show. Women love spontaneity.

3. Help Her with the Daily Chores

If you are always lazy around the house and your girlfriend is the one doing the chores, she is going to be turned off by you. Instead, get off your lazy behind and do the chores for her before she gets home from work. Remember, we said it was about the little things?

4. Motivate Her

Motivation always works better when two people are doing it. If your girlfriend is struggling to stay motivated, why not help her out by motivating her to achieve her goal by doing it with her. Working out together is a great way to keep each other motivated. And let’s not forget all the benefits that come along with being in shape.

5. Get Her Something

From time to time when you see your girlfriend, why not go with a small gift in your hands? Whether it be a bouquet of roses or flowers or her favorite chocolate, it’s a great way to make her feel loved without dropping your bank account on jewelry.

6. Small Vacation

Plan a small yet romantic vacation for two, preferably at a place your girlfriend has always wanted to go.

7. Remember Important Dates

Always remember the special days and make each of them as memorable as possible. Even if it’s just with a card or a bouquet of flowers, it will show her you remembered and care.

8. Plan a Romantic Night

Ask your girlfriend to wear her most beautiful dress in the closet because you have planned a candlelight dinner for two.

9. Do Funny Things Together

The more you bring out your playful side in a relationship, the happier your relationship will be. Tease your girlfriend, fool around, and play games together.

10. Commit Time for Her

If you have not been able to spend enough quality time with her, clear out your calendar and spend a few hours bonding with her. Spend time doing the things she enjoys.

11. Gift Her a Spa Package

We know that your girlfriend works long hours, so why not give her a spa gift certificate or a full access pass? Better yet, why not go together as a couple?

12. Cuddle with Her

Cuddle her and caress her at the end of the night. Cuddling your girlfriend will release feel good chemicals that are bound to make her feel loved.

13. Do the Little Things

Never underestimate the power of doing the little things for her, like helping her carry the grocery bags, holding her hand, or offering her the best seat at the restaurant.

14. Surprise Her

If your girlfriend has a hectic schedule and you have some extra time on your hands, why not surprise her by doing something she was supposed to do? Whether it be the laundry, the dishes, or some grocery shopping, it’s always the smallest things that have the biggest impact on a relationship.

15. Be There for Her

Let your girlfriend see that you’re always there for her and willing to provide a shoulder to lean on. Stand by her side during the toughest times and completely support her when she needs you.

16. Leave a Note

Many men might think this is corny and cheesy, but trust us, it’s something that will make your girlfriend smile. Don’t like leaving notes? Don’t worry, you can send her a loving text message instead.

17. Be a Gentleman

Always put your girlfriend’s needs before yours, it’s what true gentlemen do. It doesn’t matter if you let her pick the restaurant or the movie you’re going to see, letting her pick will put a smile on her face.

If you’re currently single and searching for a special woman to settle down with, contact our dating professionals today. Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we’ll introduce you to quality, relationship-minded women who fit your dating criteria. Let us help you on your search!

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