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Many women believe that in order to catch a man cheating, they must look for red lipstick on their guy’s dress shirts, smell the perfume of another woman, or read a text message that spills the beans, but this isn’t always the case.  Often times, the subtle signs a man is cheating are overlooked.  You might find yourself telling your friends and family that he’s being a little distant.  If your man has been acting weird lately and you don’t know why, keep an eye for the following signs that could mean he’s straying.

Read on as our New Jersey matchmakers reveal the subtle signs that are known behaviors of cheaters.

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1. He’s changed his routine.

When things are going wonderfully in your relationship, both of you will fall into a daily routine.  You know what time the alarm will sound, what time dinner will be served, and what TV show you’ll watch afterwards.  If there are sudden changes in his routine, this is a warning sign that something is wrong.  Is he skipping dinner and going to the bedroom?  Is he taking phone calls outside of the house?  Is he going to bed later than usual?  Is he getting up earlier?  If your boyfriend is falling out of sync with your life, this is a sign that something is going wrong—perhaps he is cheating.

2. He’s changed his appearance completely.

Has your partner lost weight in the past few weeks?  Is he dressing like a model from a magazine when he’s just going to work?  Is he all of the sudden eating healthy and spending hours at the gym?  Positive changes are always good, but if they come out of nowhere and without warning, it could be a sign he’s cheating.  If your boyfriend is embarking in a new sexual affair, he’s going to want to impress his new woman by looking good however he can.

3. He’s spending more time on his own.

Does he stay in the bathroom for long periods of time when he never did in the past?  Is he spending more time in the garage when he doesn’t even know how to use any of the tools?  When our partners are cheating, they become emotionally distant and want to spend more “me time” away from us.  Men get drained from having to balance two relationships at once.  In order to cope with this, they simply pull away and spend time on their own.

4. He’s locked up his finances.

If the two of you were always open with your spending, but he’s now keeping everything under lock and key and telling you it’s his own, beware.  It’s no secret that when men start dating a new woman, they will splurge hundreds on meals, expensive gifts, and possibly hotels.  Now, this doesn’t mean the other woman is an escort, it simply means your man is trying to impress her every way he can—and without getting caught by you.

Your boyfriend knows that if you get a hold of his bank statement, you’re going to see those extra splurges.  Some guys go to extreme lengths to cover their affairs and open a new bank account dedicated for the side woman.  Sad but true.

So there you have it, four subtle signs you need to keep an eye for that could mean your man is cheating on you.  See, we told you it wasn’t all about looking for red lipstick on his dress shirts.

If after reading this blog you discover that your partner is cheating, we feel sorry for you.  You deserve to be with a man who would never do that to you.  Unfortunately in today’s modern dating world, guys like that aren’t easy to find.

But with help from our New Jersey matchmakers, you can finally find relationship-minded men who would never cheat.  We have an extensive database of quality men who would to meet you.  To request your FREE, 90-minute matchmaking consultation and start meeting quality men in New Jersey, fill out the private survey at the top of the page today!

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