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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who lies all the time? Have you ever dealt with the doubts, questions, and constant emotions that come along with the territory? As New Jersey matchmakers with over 30 years in the business of love, we know it’s one of the most devastating things that can happen to you. We’ve heard it time and time again. You feel like you’ve wasted your time on a complete stranger. And let’s face it, it’s hard to clarify what is real and what isn’t, right?

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We don’t want you to endure this type of dating hardship ever again. If you suspect your boyfriend is lying to you, read on as our New Jersey matchmakers reveal the signs that will help you get your answer. If you see a couple of these behaviors with your guy, you know what you need to do.

1. He’s super protective of his phone.

Privacy is very important in a relationship, but if he’s almost angry when you’re too close to his phone, it means he’s afraid of what you will see. Honestly, he wouldn’t be paranoid if he didn’t have something to hide from you. Maybe he’s been in contact with his ex, or maybe he’s talking to someone new. It’s normal to feel a little uneasy when someone touches our phones, but anything beyond that is a huge red flag, so keep an eye on how he acts when you get near his beloved phone.

2. He always has to one-up you.

If you have a skill, he’ll show you that he can do whatever it is better than you. Even if he never shows you, he’ll insist that he’s better than you. This is definitely tiresome and annoying in a relationship, but it’s also a huge sign that he’s a true liar, especially if he’s all talk and no show.

3. He always says, “Oh, it’s no one.”

If you notice his phone light up a lot more these days and he’s quick to brush it off, it’s likely something he doesn’t want you to see. It could be debt collector or a beautiful co-worker calling him up. Maybe it’s even a response to an online dating message he sent out. If it was a debt collector or robocall, he’d probably be a lot more open about who was calling. Don’t let him try to be sly and pull a quick one on you with this move.

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4. He’s very secretive about his past. 

Some people aren’t necessarily open about their past, but if you’ve asked him simple questions that he’s always blown off, it means there could be details in there that he doesn’t want you to find out about. Maybe he’s told you that he has a sister who lives in Hong Kong and has led you to believe that’s why they’re not so close anymore. But is he leaving out one important detail? – That they had a huge falling out? If he really cares about you and wants things to be serious, then he won’t have an issue letting you in on things such as this.

5. He always hesitates before making plans.

Instead of having him say, “I’ll definitely be free on Saturday for date night,” you usually experience a bit of hesitation before he’ll agree. Unless he’s a co-parent or legitimately has a crazy and unpredictable schedule due to work and perhaps family commitments – perhaps an elderly mother who needs his ongoing care- there’s really nobody else he needs to answer to. That means he could be lying about other relationships or even other activities that you won’t approve of.

6. He quickly blames you.

Nobody in the world is perfect, but if you question something you think he may have lied about and the turns everything back on you, it’s proof that there’s a lot he isn’t telling you. He’s attempting to justify his actions in order to be in the right when he knows he’s doing something wrong. Don’t take the blame for this guy’s faulty personality.

Ladies, you deserve someone who isn’t lying to you all the time. If you’re tired of dating guys who constantly lie to you, contact us today and let our New Jersey matchmakers introduce you to someone who is trustworthy and loyal. We know you deserve nothing but the best, and we’ll work hard to find him for you.

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