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Having a child with the man or woman you love most in the world is by far the happiest you’ll ever feel in your life. A newborn will bring a lot of joy, love, and happiness into your life. But what happens to the relationship between you and your partner? Today, our New Jersey matchmakers are going to teach you how to bring the romance back after having a child.

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Where Has My Wife Gone?

Many husbands will ask themselves where their wife disappeared to after the birth of a child. They don’t recognize that sleep deprived and unkempt woman they live with now. It’s no secret that the first few months after giving birth are very taxing on the mother, so it’s your job to be understanding, patient, and helpful.

Who Is The Man?

New mothers will ask themselves who this man sitting next to them is right after bringing the baby home. Many women might feel like their partners can’t do anything right. His incomprehension can cause a lot of stress and many arguments in the relationship.

Why Is a Baby So Tough on a Relationship?

It’s no secret that having a child will be very taxing on you and your relationship. A tiny baby in the house can really stress both parents and cause a lot of fights and arguments in the relationship. But just like anything else in life, you can overcome it and come out on top of this.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers are going to teach you how to not only make it through, but bring that spark back after having a child.

Do It as a Team

Doing everything together will strengthen your relationship with your partner and help you create a better bond. Try cuddling together at night or spending quality time talking in the morning. Have breakfast together or simply go for a walk at a local park. You can also visit friends and family with the baby or take them for a calming drive or stroll, weather permitting.

Take Turns

Having a newborn can be taxing on both parents. But you can divide the parenting between the two of you to ease the burden. Though it is very normal for the mother to take the lead as the main caregiver, it is essential for the father to help as well and take turns when mom is tired. Both parents should help feed the baby, groom, and nurture the baby. Not only will this help you both bond with your newborn, but it will create a stronger bond with your partner, as well.

Ask for Help

It’s ok to ask for help during difficult times. If you have siblings or family members that have children, you can turn to them for advice or help. Turn to family when you need a trustworthy babysitter or someone to give you advice on what to do if your child is ill, cranky, or colicky. There is no better help than that from an experienced parent.

Take Time

Squeezing time for yourself, or anything for that matter, might seem like the impossible task with a newborn since they need you 24/7. However, it is very important you take time for yourselves, even if it means asking a friend or family member for an extra hand. You need to find time to spend with your partner and bring the spark back into your relationship.

If you can’t get help, you need to utilize the time your child is sleeping to spend quality time with your partner. Go for walks together, meet up for coffee or brunch on lunch, and go to the movies and dinner dates whenever you have the chance. You need to continue to date your partner even after you have a child together. Do whatever works for you, as long as you remember that quality time is very important for your relationship. A child will make the home, but a home isn’t a home if both parents don’t have a connection anymore.

Connect with Each Other

The needs of your baby will come first before anything else, so it’s natural that your relationship with your partner will take a backseat. But it is essential that you devote time to connect and talk to your partner once you get the swing of things. Our New Jersey matchmakers want you to always squeeze in a few minutes each day to connect and talk to each other.

Talk to each other during dinner, and try to stick to this routine every day. Communicating with your partner is a great way to increase the bond you have. Try to keep the channels of communication open so you both know how the other is feeling. This will bring that spark back into your relationship in no time.

Communication Is Vital

Communication is vital to any relationship, but it’s even more important when you have a child together. Learn to listen to your partner carefully and communicate your concerns, as well. Always express your feelings, share how your workday went and make them feel connected to you. Don’t ever withdraw from them and start keeping things to yourself. This is the worst thing you can do because it will distance you and your partner. If you want your relationship to continue to grow, then you need to keep the lines of communication open.

Make Your Relationship Last

Continue building your relationship by doing little acts of thoughtfulness. Resist the urge to be negative towards your partner because they will remember those things you say. If you think your partner is doing something wrong, look for the right moment to gently correct them. Always rely on positive reinforcement rather than negative comments. And don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful little bundle of joy you both have in your lives now. This is a wonderful gift you have been gifted, so cherish it together.

We hope these expert tips from our New Jersey matchmakers help you and your partner bring that spark back into your relationship. Continue to do things just like you did during the early stages of your relationship and always show your partner love and affection. You have something beautiful now, you have a family.

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