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Maturity might not be the number one thing you look for in a man, let alone your future partner. You want a guy who is funny, sweet, and charming. You want him to turn a bad day into a good one. You want him to make you laugh and turn your mood around. You want him to get along with your friends and support you through thick and thin. Oh, yeah, and you definitely want him to be super cute. Are we right?

But the truth is, maturity is the most important thing to look for in a partner, because if he’s immature, then he’s not worthy of a relationship. You really don’t want to end up with an immature guy. Unfortunately, you’re going to encounter many of them on your path to finding love.

As the best New Jersey dating service, we know that dating an emotionally immature guy can be draining, which is why our expert matchmakers are here to show you the top three signs the new guy in your life is emotionally immature. You want to get out now and find someone who acts like an adult.

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1. He Complains All the Time

If the new guy in your life is a complainer, then you know he’s emotionally immature. No, he’s not just having a bad day. No, his boss is not out to get him. No, his family doesn’t hate him. No, no, no. This is the way he is all the time. Why do you want to date a whiney guy who is always complaining about everything in life? That’s not an attractive quality, and it’s going to be very draining in the relationship.

If you went on a first date with this guy, he probably complained about everything under the sun. You might think this guy is going through a rough time or something is off in his life right now, but the truth is he’s just a jerk who is too immature to be in a relationship. This guy has a negative attitude that’s going to drag you down with him.

2. He Doesn’t Value Your Time

If this guy is always canceling on you last minute and doesn’t give you a good reason as to why, then he’s very immature. If he can’t get it together and keep plans with you, then he’s not relationship-worthy. You not only deserve a boyfriend who can actually hold plans, but you should want to date someone like that.

You’re going to lonely and upset when you’re sitting at home every weekend when this guy is suddenly canceling plans with you last minute. You desire someone who values and respects your time. If you’re dating someone who is always canceling on you, you need to open your eyes. Make the right decision and leave this immature guy in the past where he belongs.

3. He’s Very Lazy

Ugh, lazy guys are the worst to be in a relationship with. They will drag you down to their lazy level and never want to do anything in life. They claim that everything takes too much efforts. They don’t want to grab coffee on a Sunday morning because it requires them to get dressed. They don’t want to go out and see movies because it requires standing in lines. They don’t want to go on walks after dinner because they just want to lay on the sofa.

Everything is pizza take-out, beer, and Netflix. Once in a while that stuff is okay, but every weekend it’s not. Does he always give you an attitude when you want him to get off his rear? Do you really want to date a guy who never wants to do anything but sit at home on the weekends? It’s time to say goodbye to this emotionally immature guy.

Ladies, you deserve better than an emotionally immature guy. If any of these signs apply to your boyfriend, it’s time to say goodbye and find a man who is on your level.

If you’re single and want to meet emotionally mature men in New Jersey, it’s time to contact the best New Jersey dating service and let our expert matchmakers make the introductions. We’ll introduce you to mature men who are respectful and fit to be in a relationship—no more dates with unworthy guys here! To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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