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Jealousy in a marriage is even worse than in a long-term relationship.  Why?  Because there is more at stake.  There are vows that were taken, family that merged together, and a promise to be together for all eternity—maybe there are even kids involved.

As the best matchmakers in New Jersey, we know that jealousy can wreak havoc in a marriage.  Everything that a couple worked so hard for can be on the chopping block because of jealousy issues.

At first, we don’t think much of jealousy, but after a while, it becomes troublesome in a marriage.  It can get to the point that it can destroy one partner’s life and the marriage as a whole.

To prevent your marriage from unravelling due to jealousy, our dating and relationship experts, are going to show you the top must-know tips to finally put an end to the green-eyed monster in your marriage.

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1. Try to Feel Secure in Your Marriage

One of the main reasons why people become jealous is due to the lack of security.  Think about this, without a ring on your finger or a promise from your partner to be with you forever, you can assume that someone can come in and destroy what you worked so hard for.

Thoughts like this can destroy your relationship:  Does he flirt with beautiful women at work?  Will he cheat on me with his beautiful secretary?  Does she flirt with muscle guys at the gym?  Does she mingle around with attractive men at work parties?  If you are married, you need to take advantage of the extra security you have and use it to feel secure in your marriage.

Your husband or wife has chosen you over everyone else for a reason.  They have made vows to be with you forever, so you need to stop worrying about the what ifs all the time.  Stop worrying about your spouse cheating on you with the secretary or flirting with the barista because it’s only a waste of your time and energy.

Sure, you might get a little jealous when you see them talking to an attractive member of the opposite sex, but when you allow it to eat you up, it will destroy your marriage.  So take it from the best matchmakers in New Jersey, you should allow yourself to feel secure in the fact that you’re married.

2. Don’t Play Games

Do not play games in your marriage because games are immature, and immature people are usually the ones who end up alone in life.  You are in a marriage and must be mature.

If you’re married, then it essentially means you’re mature enough to be with someone else for the rest of your life, and that alone should put an end to all the games.

It doesn’t look good if you don’t reply to your spouse right away, especially if something important is being discussed.  It also doesn’t look good to come home intoxicated because you went overboard at the office Christmas party.  Things like this can make your spouse worried and jealous on their end too.

Leave the games for the kids, there is no room for games.  It’s time to finally cut the drama out of your marriage.  If you’re having problems with your spouse, make sure you approach them and discuss the issues at hand.  Take the mature route and fix the problem right away.

3. Figure out Where the Jealousy Comes From

Jealousy doesn’t just come out of the blue.  Maybe you were cheated on in your last relationship, which made you very insecure about relationships.  Or maybe it was your spouse who cheated on you before and caused this green-eyed monster within you.  Our New Jersey matchmakers want you to finally let go of the past so you can put that malicious green-eyed monster to rest.

Sit down and talk to each other about why you’re feeling this way.  If your partner is loving and understanding, they’ll help you work through these jealousy issues to better your marriage.  It could be as simple as not going out alone or checking in with you often when they’re out on the town with their friends.

Keep in mind, though, you can’t keep your partner locked up forever because of your own insecurities.  You’ll eventually need to trust them if you want your marriage to work.  In the meantime, consider talking to a close friend or therapist about how you feel to cope with these insecurity and jealousy issues.

4. Recognize That Your Spouse Is Not Your Ex

As we said earlier, it’s not fair to ruin your marriage over something that happened to you in the past.  Your husband or wife is not the ex who hurt you before, so they should not be blamed for your insecurities.

Marriage gives us a brand new beginning, a fresh new page to begin the next chapter.  You are moving towards a new life, so it’s time to leave that emotional baggage behind you and start trusting your spouse.

Don’t give into the temptation of checking their social media accounts, cell phone logs, or emails.  You might rationalize it by telling yourself it’s okay because you did it before with previous partners.  But guess what?  Your spouse isn’t your previous partner, and they deserve to be trusted in this marriage.

Checking up on your spouse isn’t an ingredient to a healthy marriage.  In fact, it’s not normal, so it’s time to cut it out for once and for all.

It also helps to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and see things from their point of view.  How would you like it if your spouse was checking up on you or snooping on your devices behind your back?

Did these tips help you overcome the green-eyed monster in your marriage?  Our readers would love to hear how you overcame the jealousy in your marriage.

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