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Women are criticized for being complicated when it comes to dating and relationships.  However, men can be just as complicated.  You might think he’s falling for you while he’s just being friendly.  So what’s a girl to do?  You must figure out how to tell the difference between friendliness and romantic interest, which can be exhausting, especially if you are falling for him and unsure what to do.  Don’t worry, as the best matchmakers in Cherry Hill, we’ve got you covered.

Men aren’t that hard to figure out once you know what to look for.  Instead of just letting you make assumptions, we’re going to show signs to be on the lookout for that indicate male attraction.

He might think he is playing it cool, but once you learn what to look for, then you’ll be able to beat him at his own game.  Today, we’ll show you the most powerful signs of male attraction so you know how to proceed with confidence.  So don’t assume he’s into you unless you see the top ten signs below.

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1. Being protective of you comes naturally to him.

Some men are very protective, even when they aren’t interested in a woman.  However, the way he protects you can show you if he is into you romantically.  Does he do everything to ensure you’re safe?  Does he act like your personal bodyguard?  Does he always call to check up on you and ensure you made it home safely?  These are all signs he is into you.

2. He enjoys touching you in a nonsexual way.

You heard that right.  We’re not referring to sexual touches but rather simple touches, such as caressing and hugging.  If he enjoys touching you in subtle ways, then you can rest assured there is a physical connection.  The right man will not just be interested in you for sex, and he will want to create a true physical connection.

3. Smiling comes naturally to him when he’s with you.

You might notice that he is always happy when he is with you.  When a man is into a woman, he can’t help but to smile around her.

Keep an eye for the reasons he’s smiling.  Is it because you’re telling him funny stories, or is it just for no apparent reason?

4. He calls you throughout the day.

There is a big difference between a man who calls you on the weekends and a man who calls you every day.  A man who calls you every day is into you and wants to see how you’re doing.  If you never hear from this man during the week, then he’s not serious about you.  The same rule applies to text messages and emails.  If he checks up on you, then he is definitely into you.

5. He sends you good morning texts.

When a man is into you, he’ll undoubtedly send that good morning text message every woman wishes to have in her life.  No man would send you a good morning text message if he isn’t into you—plain and simple.

If he is into you, then he will do whatever it takes to show you.  He’ll want to let you know that you’re the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning.

6. He becomes slightly jealous with you.

It’s never healthy to have too much jealousy in a relationship; however, a little jealousy here and there is healthy for men, especially when they really like a woman.

You might have noticed that he’s become very protective of you, especially when other men are present, or when he knows you’re around other men for work or social gatherings without him.

7. He always asks how your day was.

One of the most powerful signs a man is into you is wanting to know how your day was.  He won’t just be content with a simple answer; he wants to know every detail from beginning to end.  A man who isn’t interested in you won’t care how your day went, but a man who is into you will want to hear all about your day, even if it was the worst day of your life.  This is a sign that he cares for you and is interested in finding out everything going on in your life.

8. He shares important things about his life with you.

You might have noticed that he’s starting to tell you things about his life that he never told you before, and he’s now opening up about his feelings.  As the leading matchmakers in Cherry Hill, we know that when men start opening up, that’s when things are getting serious.

If he was not emotionally available and into you, he would never open up about things that matter to him.  If he is already including you in his life and sharing sensitive details about himself, then he is into you.

9. He prefers spending Friday nights with you over going out.

Is he spending his Friday nights with you instead of hanging out with the guys?  This one is huge.  Perhaps he is turning down invitations to spend time with you.  This is definitely one of the best signs he’s into you and would rather spend Friday nights at home watching movies with you over going out on the town.

10. He checks you out from time to time.

We’re not talking about staring but rather casual glances from time to time.  He looks at you to admire your beauty and all your quirks.  Remember that men fall in love with their eyes, so he’ll definitely be checking you out.

See, men aren’t that hard to figure out once you know what you’re looking for.  If you notice the ten signs we mentioned above, then you know he’s into you.

However, all men love the chase, so even if he’s not into you romantically, he might still display some of the signs above.  If the man you’ve had your eye on is not into you, don’t panic.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Contact the leading matchmakers in Cherry Hill today and let us find your perfect catch.  Fill out the private form to reserve your FREE 90 minute consultation today!

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