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So you just met this wonderful guy.  Everything seems to be playing out just like in the movies.  He texts you several times a day, he takes you out for dinner and drinks every week, and he’s so fun and spontaneous when it comes to going out on dates.  But lately you’re starting to think there is something going on with this guy.  He never answers your calls, you’ve never been to his place, and you feel like he’s hiding something deep down inside.  Sorry to be the ones to tell you, but you might just be the other woman.  Yikes!

It’s quite likely that the man you’re seeing has a girlfriend, which makes you his side chick.  A man who is already in a relationship won’t have a lot of time to dedicate to you, so you get stuck with the short end of the stick here.  Those last-minute dates you thought were so spontaneous are actually the only time he can see you.  The reason he’s not answering your calls and texts is because his woman is right next to him.

If you have a gut feeling that you’re the other woman, it’s because you really might be.  Today, New Jersey’s best matchmakers will show you the telltale warning signs he already has a girlfriend.

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1. He Always Cancels Plans

A cancellation here and there is okay; after all, things always come up last minute for everyone.  But it could also mean that his real girlfriend is taking up most of his time.  A man who already has a girlfriend will not make concrete plans with you.  And if he does, they’ll most likely get cancelled.  If his girlfriend wants to spend time with him, then guess who he’ll be spending time with?  Not you.

A man who is serious about you will prove it by wanting to spend time with you, meaning he wouldn’t dare cancel plans on you.  He would be dying to spend his time with you.  If you find yourself in a situation where the guy you’re dating is always bailing out on plans, then it’s time to do a little digging because he might already have a girlfriend.

2. He Never Opens Up to You

A man who is cheating on his girlfriend will hold back on opening up with his side woman.  When it comes to sharing his feelings, hopes, and dreams, he already has someone he can do that with.  He is not looking to get close with you because he has a girlfriend for that.

If you’re dating a guy who seems to be closed off and would much rather have fun in the bedroom than share his feelings, take it as a sign you are his other woman.  He knows deep down that his heart already belongs to his girlfriend and is simply looking for some fun between the sheets with you.

3. He Protects His Phone

Have you ever dated a guy who guarded his phone like it was a bar of gold?  Well, this usually means he’s hiding something.  When the two of you are spending time together, he’ll keep his phone in his pocket or somewhere you can’t reach it.  He doesn’t want you to see a call or text message from his girlfriend and will make any excuse as to why you can’t use his phone.

His phone holds the truth to his double life because all those pictures with his girlfriend and their private conversations are in there.  If you are suspicious that you might be the other woman, then all you have to do is look at his phone, or shall we say the way he guards it when you’re around.

4. His Past Is Shady

A man who is hiding a girlfriend at home will rarely tell you his whole life story.  In fact, some of the things he tells you might even sound shady.  You can start by asking him when his last relationship was or why it ended.  At first, he might tell you six months ago, but when you ask him the same question a few days later, he tells you two.  When a guy is leading a double life, he’ll have a lot of lies to keep straight, meaning he’s going to slip up somewhere.  Your job is to catch him in those lies.

Question him about his conflicting stories and get to the bottom of it all.  He will probably tell you that you’re just being paranoid, but if you have a gut feeling, then you need to chase it down.

5. He Acts Paranoid

Have you ever been out with someone who is always looking over their shoulder, scoping the restaurant, and fidgeting around?  Well, unless the cops are looking for him, he should have no reason to be acting like this, unless, of course, he’s cheating on his girlfriend.  This guy is probably afraid to run into his girlfriend or someone who knows he’s already in a relationship.

A man who is stepping out of the relationship will be on high alert when he goes in public with his side woman.  He will want to ensure that the coast is clear before walking into the restaurant.  Even after scoping the scene out, he’ll still be on high alert in case someone else he knows walks in.  He will be terrified that at any moment’s notice he’ll be busted.  Question him about why he is acting this way and carefully listen to his response.  If his response sounds fishy, that’s because it is.

How many of these signs do you see in the man you’re currently dating?  You don’t deserve to be someone else’s side woman.  You deserve to be their number one.

Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we work with singles who are genuine about finding love and ready to start a committed relationship.  If you are looking to meet quality men in NJ, contact our matchmakers by filling out the survey at the top of the page and reserving your FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey’s best matchmakers today!

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