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Valentine’s Day happens to be the most romantic holiday of the year. But it’s also a very commercialized holiday. Those who happen to be single during this ultra-romantic time of the year feel intimidated on February 14th. The truth is, it’s not really a tragedy to be single on V-Day. So the next time you’re feeling down and out because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, our Jersey matchmakers want you to keep these things in mind.

Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers will show you the reasons you should never let Valentine’s Day get you bummed out. Cheer up believe us, there’s nothing to be down about!

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1. It’s just a holiday.

Valentine’s Day is a very commercialized holiday that was created by retailers to sell cards, flowers, boxes of chocolates, and those “oh, so cuddly” teddy bears. It is essentially a holiday that’s meant to make money through the sales of romantic items. If you’re single, you’re not really missing out on much.

2. It’s no different than any other day.

Think about it: your friends and family are in relationships every day of the year. They buy gifts for each other and take each other out on a regular basis. The only reason you notice it more on February 14th is because it’s all over the TV, radio, and internet. Want to beat those V-Day blues? Then you need to remind yourself that it’s just another day, and do whatever you need to do to go on with your day as though that’s exactly what it is (because it is just another day on the calendar).

3. You’re not the only single person in town.

It might feel like you’re the only single person in the office when everyone is getting boxes of chocolates and flowers. But you’re not the only single person in town, believe us. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Hey, let’s face it, you already know that Marina, your coworker down the hall, sent herself that beautiful bouquet of flowers.

4. Unexpected gifts are much better.

You can meet someone this weekend and receive a gift the following Monday. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you can agree that those unexpected gifts are much better than the ones you receive on special days. Those “just because” flowers or chocolates mean much more.

5. You can hang out with your single friends.

Even though you might be bummed out about being single this February 14th, drinks with your friends are always fun, right? Plus, you can sit back and watch those lovey-dovey couples fumble around on their romantic dinner dates and enjoy a little chuckle.

6. Your single status doesn’t define you.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little reminder. Just because you’re single doesn’t make you any less of a person. There are thousands of singles like yourself spending Valentine’s Day alone. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually meet the right person—someone who appreciates you and deserves you. Until then, continue to enjoy your single life and remind yourself that you’re awesome.

Don’t ever feel down and lonely because you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Don’t allow yourself to dwell over a commercialized holiday. You have many wonderful reasons to cheer up.

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