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Being single can feel like riding a roller coaster.  There will be days when everything feels wonderful, because you have extra time to yourself and the freedom to do everything you want.  But there are other days that will feel depressing, like this passing Valentine’s Day.  Being single and unable to find love in New Jersey will be feel like constant high and lows.  But what if we told you that you could be the cause of your single status?

A funny thing that happens when you’re single for a very long time is that you actually start to get used to it.  At first you hated it, but it’s become who you are now.  Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we’ve seen it many times.  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you transform your romantic life today.  Find out the things you’re doing that are not going to help you find love in New Jersey.

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1. You have no interest in going out on dates.

You’re happy with the way your life is going right now.  You have a great career, awesome friends, a nice family, a beautiful apartment, travel plans, and plenty of ambition, so why disturb your life?  The problem with this theory is that you might not always feel happy with what you have.  You will always crave the company of someone, and if you don’t start going on dates, you’ll never be able to find love in New Jersey.  Do you really want to wake up ten years from now wishing you would have gone out on more dates?  Then, it’s time to change your approach to finding love.

2. You think dating disturbs your life.

After so many failed dates, you may get to a point that you don’t want to go on another one.  Why?  Because you think it’s a waste of time.  You would rather stay at home watching your favorite reality TV show than getting ready and going on another awful date.  As the top New Jersey matchmakers, we know that dating isn’t supposed to ruin your life.  On the contrary, it should enhance it.

3. You have your own routine figured out.

You wake up every day, make your delicious cup of coffee, check all your social media accounts, and listen to your favorite tunes as you head to work. You work super hard at your job and head to the gym afterwards.  After your gym sessions is completed, it’s time to hang out with friends, then you call it a night and watch your favorite shows at home.

Sure, having a routine is wonderful because it lets you have peace of mind, since all your plans are already figured out.  But if you don’t schedule dating into your plans, you’re never going to find love—plain and simple.  It’s time to break out of the routine and start dating.

4. You turn down dates often.

When your best friends and colleagues try to set you up with someone, you tell them that you can’t because you have other plans.  But in reality, you have no plans other than going home and watching your favorite shows.  Not accepting dates is okay if you have other plans, but if you’re not accepting them because you simply don’t want to go, you’re missing out on chances of meeting someone great.

If you’re reading this blog, we know you want to fall in love someday.  So why are you selling yourself short and not accepting dates?

5. You only see the worst in relationships.

When a friend shares a story with you about an argument they had with their partner, you automatically think that’s the reason you don’t want to be in a relationship.  When you consider going out on a date, you talk yourself out of it because you think first dates suck.  You only see the worst in dating and relationships.

Sure, every couple has their own problems, and relationships aren’t perfect like in the movies.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not wonderful.  You need to stop seeing all the bad in relationships and start seeing the good.

6. You convince yourself that you don’t have time for dating.

There is always something happening in your life.  Your boss just unloaded lot of work on your lap this week.  You have an upcoming vacation or work trip, you have a class reunion, or you just have plans with your friends.  The truth is, everyone always has something going on in life.  But if you want to find love in New Jersey, then you need to schedule time for dating.  How do you think everyone else out there found love?  Love didn’t stumble into their life, they went out and found it.

7. You think all dates are terrible.

No one can blame you for being disappointed with the New Jersey dating scene.  After all, as the top New Jersey matchmakers, we know how pathetic the dating scene is today.  People lie about their feelings and mislead others, so you have every right to feel that way.  But thinking that every date is going to be horrible is not the right approach.  You have no idea how the next person you go out with is going to treat you, so why do you assume the worst in them?  Change your attitude about dating so you can finally find love in New Jersey.

8. You’re becoming bitter about dating.

Once you cross the line from being happily single into bitter, then you’ve gotten to a bad point. You shouldn’t feel like you lost all hope in finding someone special.  If you have a bitter attitude about dating, you’re never going to find love.  Thinking poorly about dating and relationships is only going to keep you single longer and make you lead a miserable life.

We know that you don’t want to be single, which is the reason you’re checking out our blog today.  It’s time to change your behaviors so you can finally find that special someone.  Once you change your mindset and behaviors, you’ll be able to welcome love into your life, and that’s where we come in.

Our New Jersey matchmakers can introduce you to quality singles who are looking to settle down.  To start meeting relationship-minded singles locally, fill out the private survey at the top of the page today.  Reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation and let our expert matchmakers here at South Jersey Matchmakers transform your dating life—once and for all!

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