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When you’re in a romantic long-term relationship where everything seems to be so wonderful, you start to wonder what life has in store for you as a couple. You ponder if that day will eventually come. As a woman, you dreamed about it your whole life—probably before you even learned to speak full sentences.

You’ve been daydreaming your whole life about the dress, the cake, and the children. But how do you know your boyfriend feels the same? Sometimes you might feel discouraged and ask if the day will ever come. You go over and over it in your head and try to figure out if he’s even considering the possibility of getting married. Then you find a sweet spot—a sudden change in his behavior, more gifts, more quality time together, sweet words, and kind gestures and begin to think he’s coming around.

He strangely starts talking about engagement rings, marriages, and even children. Could he be thinking about marriage? Is the day you’ve been dreaming of your whole life finally here? If you are looking forward to walking down the aisle and notice a shift in his behavior, let our New Jersey matchmakers show what you what to look for to get your answer. Check out this helpful list to figure out if he’s getting ready to pop the question and make your lifetime dream come true.

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1. He’s getting a little nervous.

Can you imagine the nervousness and excitement you’ll feel when your boyfriend finally pops the question? Exactly, so imagine what he’s going through right now. It must feel like walking on eggshells for two reasons. One, he’s obsessing about how he’s going to pop the question. Two, he knows he needs to get it right because he doesn’t want you to say no. It is a lot of pressure for a man to pop the question, so if you notice a little shift in his mood or see he’s acting a little nervous, then he might be getting ready to propose.

2. He’s interested in other people’s marriages.

He’s never been the type to go to a wedding, at least not for the wedding ceremony itself (he was looking forward to the party afterwards). Now, he’s attending weddings and looking forward to the actual ceremonies. If you notice that your boyfriend is oddly interested in the wedding ceremony, the cake, the groom’s suit, and everything to do with weddings, then he might be thinking about yours.

The unexpected excitement to attend weddings is a sign that a proposal might be on the horizons. He is studying and learning about weddings because he wants to marry you. So sweet of him, right?

3. He’s dreaming of kids.

What? He’s dreaming about having children? You better believe it. If your boyfriend is daydreaming about starting a family, taking a trip to Disney World, and envisioning what life will be like as a parent, then you can bet your every dollar that he is going to propose soon. No, he’s not hallucinating. He’s getting ready to pop the question. Be patient and open to talk. Better yet, take it one step further and daydream together. This will get you the ring in no time.

4. He’s stalking your jewelry box.

You found him snooping around in your jewelry box but didn’t think anything of it at the time. Who knows, maybe you forgot all about it. But as matchmakers, we’re here to tell you exactly why he was snooping around your jewelry box. He was checking your rings to ensure he gets the right size. If one of your rings has gone missing, then he probably took it to the jewelry store. Also, if your boyfriend starts asking questions about rings, shapes, cuts, and colors, then he might get down on one knee very soon.

5. He’s behaving like a husband.

If he’s going to ask you to be his wife, then he has to show you that he is husband material. Has he all of the sudden started cleaning the house? Is he doing errands for you when you didn’t ask him? Does he have dinner waiting for you when you get home from work? In other words, if he starts behaving like a true husband when he’s never done anything like that before, it’s because he’s going to pop the question soon. He wants to show you that he is husband material.

We can already hear the wedding bells here at our office. Can you? Heck, he might’ve already asked you by the time you read this article. Congratulations to you!

If you’re single and looking for marriage-minded men in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey matchmakers and let us introduce you to men who are looking for a wonderful catch like yourself! To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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