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Winter is not everyone’s favorite time of the year.  The temps are freezing, it’s wet, and you can’t enjoy the beautiful Jersey beaches.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it, especially in your relationship.  Our expert matchmakers are here to show you that you can still get cozy with your partner with some lovey dovey winter date ideas.

Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we’re not the biggest fans of winter, but we’re firm believers that you should always look at the positive side of things.  So while the winters here in Jersey can be brutally cold, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!  Aside from Christmas get togethers with family and holiday events with friends and coworkers, there are many other things you and your partner can do to enjoy the winter together.

As it turns out, winter is actually one of the best times for love and romance.  Today, our South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you the most lovey dovey Rom-Com-style date ideas you and your partner can try out this year.

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1. Take a Snowboarding Class

If you don’t have the time or money to go on a full snowboarding or skiing trip, consider taking a class together instead.  You and your partner can take an afternoon class together at a nearby ski resort or mountain.  There are also many indoor snowboarding and skiing centers you can go for a quick lesson.

Whether you opt for snowboarding or skiing, try to pick something you’re both beginners at so you can learn something new together and have fun in the process.  If all goes well, this can be your next vacation destination together.  Poconos, anyone?

2. Go to a Spa

Who doesn’t love spas?  Men and women both love to be pampered, so book a couple’s spa day at a nearby spa and enjoy a rejuvenating time together.  This is the perfect place for you to really relax and enjoy yourselves.  You’ll both get pampered, relieve some stress, and spend some much-needed time away from the cold.  You can also get a steamy sauna session for two.  Don’t forget to order a bottle of champagne—cheers to that.

3. Have a Movie Marathon at Home

This is perhaps the most comfy date idea to stay out of the freezing cold temperatures outside.  Neither of you have to leave the house for this one, so bundle up, make some yummy popcorn, and settle in for a movie marathon in the warmth.

Try to pick the films you’re going to watch ahead of time so there’s no arguing about what movies you’re going to watch the day of your date.  Either make sure you both like the same thing or switch turns picking the movie.  Keep all your goodies on hand, including candies, popcorn, drinks, and chocolates.  This date is the ultimate date in comfort, not sophistication.  But, hey, it’s super cozy and romantic.

4. Go Sledding

Recapture your childhood days by going on a sledding date with your partner.  Even if you weren’t into sledding as a kid, it’s a great activity to with your partner, even as adults.  All you need is a hill with some slippery snow and a sled.  Believe us, this is going to make for an ultra-romantic and fun date to escape the winter monotony.

5. Go Whisky Tasting

With the temperatures in Jersey hovering at zero, what better way to spend time together than warming up with some delicious whisky?  With that in mind, the next time a freezing day comes to NJ, grab your partner and head out for a whisky tasting date.  If you don’t like whisky, don’t worry, there’s always wine and beer tasting tours, too.

6. Go Hiking

Are you both the outdoorsy type?  Head to the outdoors for a hiking adventure and tackle some rough terrains.  Hills and mountains become majestic during the winter when they’re covered with snow.  If you go hiking up the mountain, check the weather ahead of time, and don’t forget to bring a map along so you don’t get lost.

7. Go Ice-Skating

No winter date list can be complete without the famous ice-skating date idea.  As you already know, this date idea is popular in just about every romantic movie ever made, so it’s your turn to get lovey dovey with your partner and head out on an ice-skating date.  Whether you choose an indoor ice-skating rink or an outdoor one, it’s sure to be one unforgettable time.

If you’re good on the ice, this is a great way to show off your skills, and don’t worry if you’re not.  You and your partner will surely have a lot of fun and share some laughs if you’re looking like a newborn giraffe.

8. Go on a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Ah, another popular Hollywood-style date idea that is not only romantic but classy.  Made famous by the wealthy in New York City, now you can do it all over the nation.  Warm up, grab a couple of Thermoses of hot wine or cocoa and head out on a horse-drawn carriage date.

This date night won’t last all night, so you want to have something else planned ahead of time.  Plan on stopping at an upscale restaurant or go sightseeing downtown.

9. Stay in & Snuggle Up

Forget all the dates we mentioned above.  Forget social media, forget your phone, forget all distractions, and simply cuddle with your partner on the sofa or in bed.  Prepare a delicious meal at home, play a board game, or simply talk.  Spend the entire evening reconnecting without any distractions.

These are a few of the most lovey dovey Rom-Com-style dates you can use with your partner this winter.  Just focus on making the most out of the winter in NJ and enjoy the quality time with your partner.  Don’t use the winter months as an excuse to stay home and not do anything every night.  Instead, take advantage of the romance the winter months provide, and stop waiting for spring to come around.

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