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Investing your time and energy into a guy who refuses to commit to you isn’t just a waste of time, it’s keeping you from finding the right guy – the one you will one day be proud to call your husband.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers are going to show you the undeniable reasons you need to walk away from the wrong guy as soon as you realize he’s not the one for you.

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1. He’s probably not really into you.

You have to be so careful with your heart with guys these days. So many of them see girls as disposable or replaceable, and it’s way too easy to get all caught up in their mind games. If he refuses to make you his real girlfriend, there’s a good chance he really doesn’t see anything with you. Chances are it isn’t personal, he just wants to sample every flavor and isn’t stopping with you. Next!

2. He could be using you.

Don’t get mixed up with guys who ask you to give everything while they are only taking from you. If he wants your attention, your time, your body and your company but refuses to do anything else as a couple, he’s only using you. You have to get it through your head that he’s only taking advantage of you and your kind nature.

3. He isn’t going to catch you if he falls.

The more you let your feelings grow for this guy, the higher the chances that you’re going to get hurt. If he isn’t interested in making you his girlfriend, he doesn’t have your back. If you’re gushing to your girlfriends about how hopelessly in love you are with this guy and you let him consume your thoughts, don’t be surprised when you’re crushed later on. You have to control your feeling and emotions, which means not letting yourself get out of control.

4. He’s wasting your time.

Healthy relationships are two-sided. If you’re doing everything to care for him, show him affection and give him pleasure but he still doesn’t make it official, you’re totally wasting your time. There are many guys who are ready to treat a woman the right away – no wonder they get angry when women run around with their hearts on their sleeves for the wrong guys. The faster you can cut ties with the wrong guy, the faster you can find the right guy.

5. He’s not a man.

Let’s make one thing clear: guys who run you around and play with no intention of getting serious are just boys, not real men. We don’t care how buff he is, how much money he makes, or how handsome and attractive he is – he’s only an immature man-child if he doesn’t treat you with respect. Do you really want to end up babysitting a guy who isn’t truly grown up and on the same level as you? Please, leave this guy fast and find someone who is on your level.

Ladies, never waste your time dating the wrong guy. And believe us, we know there are a lot of bad guys out there. If you’re tired of sifting through them yourself, contact South Jersey Matchmakers and let us do the hard work of dating for you. We’ll do all the legwork of weeding for you and only introduce you to quality single men who are a great fit for you.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in NJ, contact our South Jersey matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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