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If you are an extrovert, it can be difficult to understand an introverted woman. But just because you don’t understand why she is introverted doesn’t mean you can’t successfully date her. Dating an introvert might be a challenge for an outgoing guy like yourself, but it can be done.

Today, our New Jersey exclusive matchmakers are going to show you some important things you need to know about dating an introverted woman.

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1. It’s unlikely that she’ll approach you first.

She might have seen you from across the room, but what are the odds of her approaching you? Virtually none. Instead, it’s your job to go to her, even though that will still make her nervous. Just because she doesn’t approach you doesn’t mean she’s not into you. When it comes to an introverted woman, it’s your job to make the first move.

2. She’s not into small talk.

No woman wants to waste her energy on nonsense, but an introverted woman will waste even less of her precious time and energy on something that doesn’t intrigue her. For her, it will all be about meaningful conversations. Introverted women prefer deep conversation over small talk; after all, this is how they bond with others. Make sure that when you approach her you’re genuinely interested in getting to know her and diligently engaging her in good conversation. Good conversation is how you will spark her interest.

3. She’s more interested in hanging out with you one-on-one.

Introverts are better one-on-one. They prefer one-on-one interaction over group hangouts any day of the week. The key to success with an introvert is approaching her on your own. Introverted women don’t like big gatherings or parties that can be intimidating. They like one-on-one time with someone they’re genuinely into.

4. She needs her space.

No matter how much she is into you, you can’t spend every second of your day with her. Introverted women need time by themselves to refuel and reenergize themselves. Don’t think that she’s not into you because she doesn’t want to see you every day. Alone time is when she gains her strength and takes care of important things in her life.

5. She may not be into the phone.

Remember how you used to chat with your ex all day? Remember those frequent texts that always came in? Well, you might not get that if you’re dating an introverted woman. An introverted woman may not reach out to you like women you’ve dated in the past.

6. She needs an escape route from everyday life.

Too much socializing can take a toll on an introverted woman, which is why she needs an escape route. Don’t think that because she doesn’t want to go to all your holiday parties that she doesn’t want to be with you. Introverted women aren’t into all those big parties and get togethers. They would prefer to stay at home watching TV or reading a good book. She is not being rude when she turns down social invitations but rather trying to maintain her sanity.

7. She needs to know you’re genuinely interested.

If you really want to win over an introverted woman, then you need to show her that you’re genuinely interested in her, not just with your words but through your actions. Remember the details from previous conversations with her because our Jersey exclusive matchmakers know that will go a long way in impressing her and gaining her trust.

8. Don’t expect her to be available at the drop of a dime.

If you are a spontaneous man, you might not be so compatible with an introverted woman. It’s not that she doesn’t like to go out with you, but when you don’t have plans established, it’s harder for her. If you ask her out on the spot, she may turn you down because she has already mentally prepared for a night in.

9. If you want to know her feelings, you must ask.

It is not very common for an introverted woman to say how she feels, unless of course you ask her. This doesn’t mean there is nothing going on inside, but you may need to prompt her to open up with you.

10. She needs her own downtime.

Some people will think she is lazy and boring, but she’s neither of those things. She just needs more time to relax and unwind than some women. Your new love interest may love nothing more than curling up with a good book or taking it easy with her favorite TV show marathon.

11. She gets nervous about meeting new people, especially your friends.

Meeting and mingling with new people might come naturally to you, but it could be a nightmare for an introverted woman. But don’t get discouraged just yet because this doesn’t mean you can’t introduce her to your friends and family. An important introduction like this will require a little finesse on your part; after all, this might be very overwhelming for her. Our New Jersey exclusive matchmakers encourage you to take it slow and only introduce her to a few people at a time. You also want to make sure she is not the center of attention because that will scare her. Do whatever you can to take the pressure off the meet and she’ll thank you for it.

12. She doesn’t have low self-esteem.

She is not quiet because she doesn’t like herself. She is quiet because that’s just how she is. Don’t assume that she has low self-esteem because she is not a social butterfly like you. She just prefers to talk to people she already knows.

13. She doesn’t care about being popular.

Just because she is an introverted woman doesn’t mean she is a hermit. She just likes a different type of social interaction. Instead of knowing the whole city and living for popularity, she would rather have a handful of friends. She favors a small group over a large one, and it’s not about knowing everyone. She would rather know people she can count on.

14. She is a good listener and will take in every word.

Introverted women will take in every word you say, which is why they make great partners. She will have her own thoughts and opinions and know how to carry on a smart conversation.

So now that you know she is not shy or unapproachable, what do you think about dating an introverted woman? Are you ready to meet relationship-minded women in New Jersey? Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our Jersey exclusive matchmakers today. Let us find you a compatible woman you really hit it off with!

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