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After dating for so long, you’ve finally landed the man of your dreams.  Things are going so wonderfully that you can’t wait for your friends to meet him so they can see how great he is themselves.  You envision the perfect get together where everyone gets along.  You imagine your friends calling you at the end of your day to tell you how awesome your boyfriend is and how lucky you are to have found him.

That’s the best case scenario.  But when that initial meeting happens and your boyfriend doesn’t say anything nice about your friends, you feel like it didn’t live up to your expectations.  In fact, you get the feeling that your boyfriend doesn’t like a single one of them.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time until he warms up to them, but this is definitely a stressful situation to be in.  After all, your friends are very important to you.  Your boyfriend might not tell you flat out that he doesn’t like them, but there are a few signs you can look for on your own.  So without further ado, our New Jersey elite matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs your boyfriend does not like your friends.

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1. He Keeps to Himself About Them

After your friends met your boyfriend for the first time, you were probably hoping to hear from your friends about how much they love him and can’t wait to hangout as a group again.  At the same time, you’re hoping for your boyfriend to tell you how much he likes them, too.  It’s hard for a relationship to move to the next step until your friends and family meet each other, and if this meeting doesn’t go as planned, we know it can definitely put a strain on your relationship.

If after your boyfriend meets your friends, he doesn’t say anything about them, not good or bad, it could be a sign he does not like them.  Maybe your boyfriend is the quiet type that keeps to himself, but if he’s usually outgoing and has something to say about everything, this might mean he doesn’t like them.

2. He Doesn’t Ask Questions About Them

If you meet your boyfriend’s friends, you’re going to be curious about them and have a lot of questions for your boyfriend.  Hopefully, your boyfriend will demonstrate interest in your friends and ask questions about them.  This shows that he cares about the people you love the most.  Most people will have questions like, “What do they think about me?” or “How do you think the meet went with your friends?”

But if your boyfriend has no questions for you, then that’s a sign he doesn’t like them.  You could try asking him questions about his friends to get him to open up and maybe he’ll start asking you questions about yours.  Hopefully, you’ll start the conversation and get him to open up and ask you questions about your friends.

3. He Doesn’t Try to Get to Know Them

When you introduce your boyfriend to your friends, hopefully your boyfriend shows enough interest in wanting to get to know them.  One way to do this is by engaging in conversation with them.  Once you make the introduction, he should make an effort to ask them questions and inquire about their lives.  This shows how invested he is in you and how much he cares about the people you love.

If your boyfriend really cares about you and your feelings, he would also care about the people you love, as well.  Okay, so maybe your boyfriend is a little shy, and that’s okay, but if your boyfriend is usually chatty and outgoing and he totally shuts down when he’s around your friends, then he most likely doesn’t like them.

4. He Never Invites Them Over & Never Wants You To

You and your boyfriend are getting ready to make plans for the weekend and he tells you that all his friends are coming along, too.  This provides you with the perfect opportunity to invite your gal pals.  The problem is, he only invited you, not your friends.  That’s a pretty obvious sign that your boyfriend doesn’t want your friends to be there.

A night out in a low pressure environment is the perfect opportunity for everyone to mingle and introduce your friends to their friends.  Your boyfriend clearly doesn’t want to take advantage of this situation because he doesn’t like your friends and doesn’t want them there.

5. He Skips on Get Togethers with Your Friends

Maybe you were the one telling your boyfriend about a hot new club in town that you should check out.  He loved the idea and was looking forward to going with you, that is until you dropped the bomb that your friends were coming, too.  He didn’t say that he wasn’t going right then and there, but you waited for him at the club all night and he was a no-show.

If he bails on dinner plans once he finds out your friends are going or is a no-show at other get togethers when your friends are invited, then you have your answer: he doesn’t like your friends.

6. He Tries to Introduce You to New Friends

If your boyfriends’ friends have girlfriends, you’ll be gaining a whole new set of friends.  Hopefully, these friends can add to your existing friends.  However, if your boyfriend is encouraging you to hang out solely with his friends’ girlfriends, and wants you to leave your old friends behind, that’s a sign he doesn’t like your friends.  It’s only natural that he wants you to spend time with his friends’ girlfriends, but it’s also important that you spend time with yours.

Forcing you to forget about your friends or only wanting you to hang out with his friends’ girlfriends is rude because he doesn’t care about the people you love.  It can also be a demonstration of being in control of your life.  Either way, our New Jersey elite matchmakers know it’s not good news for you.

So what do you think?  Does your boyfriend like your friends, or doesn’t he get along with them?  Share your comments with us and our readers on our Facebook page.

Dealing with a boyfriend who doesn’t get along with your friends can be frustrating, as it puts a strain on your relationship.  It might even cause you to break up and go your separate ways.  If you find yourself single and looking, contact our New Jersey elite matchmakers at South Jersey Matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality men who will encourage you to nurture the friendships you have.

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