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Finding a guy isn’t hard to do—not at all.  It’s finding relationship-minded, quality single men in New Jersey that proves to be a tough task.  But it isn’t, of course—you just need to know where to look.

Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you why quality single men in New Jersey are so elusive in the NJ dating scene.

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1. The hookup culture is everywhere.

It seems like everywhere you go there’s a guy wanting to meet you.  However, they don’t want to meet you for the right reasons.  Most men you meet out and about aren’t looking for a relationship.  Oh, no, they simply want to hook up.

Finding someone who wants to settle down and start something meaningful is like finding a needle in a haystack—welcome to the hookup world of the NJ dating scene.

2. You’re looking for love in the wrong places.

You (yes, you) might have everything to do with why you can’t meet quality single men in New Jersey.  Hang on, just hear us out for a second!  You could be heading to places frequented by players and jerks, places where finding a quality man is nearly impossible.

If you want to meet quality single men in New Jersey, you’re going to have to expand your horizons.  Visit bookstores and coffee shops, join a running club, or meet up with old school friends who always wanted to set you up with someone.  You can’t meet quality men if you’re looking in the wrong places and don’t try something new.  In fact, the best place to meet relationship-minded men—in a safe, private, efficient, and timesaving way—is through a professional matchmaking service, like ours here at South Jersey Matchmakers.

3. Nice guys bore you to death.

You say you want a nice guy, but you know the drill by now—those nice guys just don’t have that edge.  They are too accommodating and pleasing.  Of course they make you feel special, but you crave the bad boy, which is the reason you keep falling for jerks.  Unless you can break this bad pattern, you’ll never meet quality single men in New Jersey.

4. Some great guys don’t date.

If you’re wondering why you can’t meet quality single men in New Jersey, here’s something to consider: maybe he is sick of dating too.  Maybe he is tired of putting himself out there, maybe he is too busy to date, or maybe he’s tired of not meeting quality women himself.  Either way, we know there are plenty of great men out there who don’t date for a variety of reasons.

5. Some men are just too lazy.

Perhaps it has to do with the hookup culture or their busy schedules, but some men are simply too lazy to venture into the modern NJ dating scene.  They don’t have the patience to put efforts into dating and would rather stay at home or hang out with friends.

Do you want to meet quality single men in New Jersey but don’t know how? Let South Jersey Matchmakers, the #1 dating service for mature singles in New Jersey, introduce you to quality men today.

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