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Looking for love in New Jersey? Are you turning down potentially great options out of fear of going on blind dates? New Jersey elite dating and matchmaking service, South Jersey Matchmakers have the ultimate guide to blind date success!

Dating, especially blind dating, can be frustrating and disappointing for single men and women alike. And let’s be honest, blind dates can be nerve-wracking to say the least. You have probably read horrible stories on the internet about other people’s blind dates or seen them on TV, leaving you dreading going on one yourself. But dating is supposed to be fun and exciting, and blind dates are a great way to meet new people and hopefully end up in a serious relationship. Don’t feel frustrated or overwhelmed about blind dates anymore. Today, our team of professional matchmakers at New Jersey’s exclusive matchmaking service will teach you how to get prepared for your upcoming blind date.


1. Get Prepared

First impressions mean everything, and it’s really important for you to create a good impression with the person you’re meeting. How your date sees you during the first few minutes of the date will set the stage for everything to come. This is why it’s very important you pay attention to your outside appearance and grooming. Remember that the old saying is right, you only get one chance to get it right.

Our professional matchmakers want you to pick clothing that is appropriate for your date. Select a casual outfit for a lunch date or the movies. Pick a more elegant dress or outfit if you’re going out for a dinner date. For women, don’t wear clothes that are too revealing and never show more than one body part at a time. If you have a low cut shirt, make sure you’re not wearing a short skirt. For men, don’t wear clothing that is too raggedy, wrinkled, or loose fitting.

Wear the right amount of cologne or perfume, and trust us, this is not something you want to overdo. Don’t forget to shine your shoes or iron your clothes if you need to. And most importantly, do not forget to show up on time. Showing up late will undoubtedly take some points off your first impression.

2. Be Safe

Even though blind dates can be fun, you never want to let your guard down when you go on them. You need to meet them at a public place, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, or the local park. This way you’ll feel more relaxed when meeting this person. Make sure that a good friend or family member knows you’re going out on a blind date. Also, tell them the name of the person and carry a cell phone with you in case of an emergency. This is especially true if you’re meeting someone from an online dating site.

3. Keep the Blind Date Short

A simple, short date is a great way to meet someone for a blind date. Why? Because if you don’t feel that there is a connection or chemistry between the two of you, you can make a quick exit after the date. However, if you’re interested in them, you can stick around longer than your coffee date and even plan something else. Some recommended options for a short blind date include, a quick drink at a bar, a coffee at a coffee shop, or a quick walk in the park. Lunch midweek works great too.

4. Be Sure Your Schedule Is Flexible

Make sure your blind date doesn’t happen to be coinciding with work, especially if you plan to keep on going with the blind date if the two of you hit it off. Make sure that your schedule is flexible with the activity you have chosen.

5. Always Be Polite

Whether the date goes great or not so hot, you always want to be polite with them. Greet them with a handshake upon meeting them because starting things off with a kiss might send the wrong signal. Smile at them, even if you’re nervous.

For gentlemen, always open the door, hang her coat, pull out chairs, and pay the bill. Even if chivalry is a dying art, you want to show her that you’re a respectful man who knows how to treat a lady.

For the women, always be thankful. Say thank you when he opens the door for you, helps seat you, and never forget to thank him for paying the bill.

Be polite even at the end of the date. Even if things don’t go well, you always want to be polite. You can tell your date at the end of the date that things are just not going to work out, but never string anyone along.

6. Be Your True Self

One of the biggest mistakes people make when going out on a blind date is putting up a façade. Just be honest and be yourself. Answer questions honestly and don’t brag about yourself or go on and on creating fake accounts. Remember that your date wants to get to know you for the real version, not one you think they want to know.

7. Talk & Listen

Conversation is very important to make a blind date a success. Ask them about their career, their family, hobbies and interests, and friends. Remember to keep the conversation topics light and make everything about getting to know them. Also, when your date is talking, do not interrupt them. Show interest and pay attention to what they’re saying. Don’t forget to keep the conversation flowing or things will become boring.

What to Talk about on Your Blind Date

• Ask about them: What do they do for a living? Which state or city did they grow up? What are their hobbies and interests?

• Ask about their friends & family: Find out if they come from a tightknit family, what their friends are into, and if they are close to them.

• Talk about yourself: Tell your date things that interest you, what you do in your spare time, your hobbies and interests, and your future goals.

• Compliment them: If he or she has shown up well-dressed and well-groomed, compliment them as soon as you see them. Drop a genuine compliment when you see or hear something you like.

• Open-ended questions: Keep the conversation flowing by asking open-ended questions. Don’t just ask questions that can be easily answered with a yes or no. For instance, if your date reveals the fact that they like their career, ask them to tell you more about it and what it is that makes them so passionate about it.

Blind dates don’t have to be as scary as the internet and the movies make them out to be. Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we coach our clients and get them well prepared for all their upcoming introductions. The more confident and prepared you are, the more at ease you’ll be when heading out. Our matchmaking professionals do everything they can to ensure clients are comfortable and enjoy dating. If you’re ready to start meeting quality singles in New Jersey, give us a call today!

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