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Have you ever thought you were in the right place at the right time? Did you see great looking guys that didn’t approach you? Has this happened more than once?

You might assume you’re friendly and approachable when you’re really not. If you don’t ever get approached by men, you might be giving off the wrong vibe that you want to be left alone. Here are the top mistakes women make that make them look unapproachable.

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll quickly see that men have no problem coming up and introducing themselves to you. Today, the
#1 Cherry Hill dating service, South Jersey Matchmakers, reveals the top reasons men never approach you.

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1. You’re always on your phone or laptop.

Few things scream “Stay away” like constantly being on your phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking, texting, or browsing the web, if you’re using your phone, it’s telling men not to disturb you. The same rules apply to your laptop or any other device.

If you want men to approach you, it’s time to disconnect from your devices. Otherwise, they’re going to think you’re busy. Being on any device will deter men.

2. You don’t make eye contact.

You can’t really blame men for not approaching you if you don’t even bother to look at them. We wouldn’t go as far as saying the eyes are the windows to the soul if it wasn’t true. Eye contact is essential for getting a man to approach you. A quick shy glance or a long intent look will give men the green light to approach you and tell them that you’re interested. Don’t be afraid to use eye contact to spark his interest.

3. You behave rudely.

Rude behavior is a huge turn off for men. If he perceives you as rude or ignorant, chances are he’s never going to approach you.

You have to be a warm and friendly person if you want men to approach you. Be nice to the staff and never mistreat them, even if they mess up your order. Show respect for everyone you meet, don’t yell at your friends on the phone, and never curse. Show everyone around you that you’re a kindhearted woman who respects and values others.

4. You act like you’re too good for the place.

It’s okay to have healthy self-esteem, it’s not okay to be a narcissist. And while we’re pretty sure we know what side of that line you stand on, others might not. You might appear to be crossing over it to others. If you act like you’re too good to be somewhere, men are never going to approach you—plain and simple. We’re not saying you need to lower your standards and settle for less than you deserve, but you never want to come off as thinking you’re too good.

5. You don’t give him a chance to catch you alone.

So you’re out to eat with your friends, dressed to kill, laughing, and having a good time. To add to the excitement, there’s a cute guy at the bar who’s eyeing you up. So why isn’t he coming over? By now, you’re sure you caught his attention and think he’s going to walk up to you anytime now. But he doesn’t. Ugh, but why not?

Because you’re in a group. If you don’t give this guy a chance to catch you alone, he’s never going to come up to you. Go to the bar to get a drink or step outside for some fresh air. He’ll know this is his window of opportunity to approach you. Guys are terrified of rejection, and he’ll never approach you if you’re in a group. Try to break away from the group of gals for a minute and see if he comes up to you.

If you ever find yourself wondering why men don’t approach you, now you know. Are you guilty of any of these five mistakes a lot of single women make in the dating scene?

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