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Not all men in the New Jersey dating scene are boyfriend material. Heck, many of the ones who are already in relationships aren’t even boyfriend material. It can be hard for women to figure out whether the man they’re dating is relationship material or not. But it’s all good, ladies—our Cherry Hill dating coaches are here to help. You need to start making choices that support your needs because when if don’t, you’ll land the wrong boyfriend.

A relationship should make you feel happy more than stressed out and worried. Get ready as our Cherry Hill dating coaches here at South Jersey Matchmakers show you how to know if a guy is boyfriend material so you can finally stop dating jerks.

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1. He doesn’t make you question if he likes you.

You would think that men would share their feelings like women do, but that’s not how it works most of the time. Sometimes women fall for men who don’t know how they feel and occasionally fall even harder than the guy falls for them. If a guy is confused and can’t open up to you, then he is probably not boyfriend material.

A guy who is boyfriend material knows exactly how to let you know he likes you, and more importantly you’ll never question it. He will make it obvious to you and everyone around that he likes you and is ready to be exclusive with you.

2. He knows how to fight.

No, not like a boxer in the ring. He knows how to fight respectfully and productively. All couples will get into arguments, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Someone who fights fair is in touch with his feelings and knows how to come up with a solution to the problem. He knows how to communicate his feelings in a respectful and productive way rather than blaming and finger pointing at you.

A guy who knows how to fight productively is boyfriend material because he is willing to compromise and forgive when necessary. He doesn’t hold onto grudges and lets things go instead.

3. He is actually ready to be exclusive.

Not every man you date is going to be ready for a committed and monogamous relationship, even if they’re dating like they are. Sometimes they think they are when they’re really not, and unfortunately, women end up paying the price for this. When a guy isn’t ready to commit, he will give out red flags. Maybe he won’t return your calls when he says he will or maybe he doesn’t like to talk about the future when you bring it up. Guys who aren’t ready to commit will give off vibes you need to spot.

If the guy you’re dating is ready to be committed to you, then he is boyfriend material. If he wants to be with you, he’s going to try to be with you and do whatever it takes. His busy schedule will never get in the way of spending time with you.

4. He introduces you to his friends.

If the guy you’re dating hasn’t introduced you to his friends despite the two of you dating for a long time, then something is off. He could be playing it slow and cautious or just doesn’t take the relationship seriously. If he was serious about you, he would have no problem introducing you to his friends. When a guy keeps you a secret, something is going on.

If the guy you’re dating introduces you to everyone he knows and is happy to bring you along to get togethers, then he is definitely boyfriend material.

5. He knows what he wants in life.

A guy who is boyfriend material might not have his whole life figured out just yet. He might be a work in progress, but he definitely has an idea of what he wants out of life and from a relationship. When he knows what he wants in a girlfriend and recognizes those traits and qualities in you, then he will never let you get away. He will also have an idea of where he wants to be in life five or ten years from now and will want you to be there with him.

He will have no problem talking about these things with you. Because he is serious about you and wants to know that your futures align.

6. He compromises for you and the relationship.

A guy who is boyfriend material will have no problems making compromises for you and the relationship. Maybe he started keeping his place tidier so there is more room for you, maybe he is changing his eating habits so he can be healthier, or perhaps he started freeing up time on his busy schedule to go out on more dates with you.

Guys who are not boyfriend material are not ready to make changes in their life. But our Cherry Hill dating coaches know that when a guy is ready for a relationship, he will have no problem compromising and making changes in his life.

7. He does romantic things.

Any man can come up with a Valentine’s Day gift, and while that can be lovey dovey, it is more thoughtful when he does sweet things out of the blue. The big stuff is expected, but the little things mean the world because that’s what lets you know he is thinking about you.

Does he come home with your favorite snack after grocery shopping? Does he surprise you with tickets to your favorite comedian that is in town for the weekend? Does he offer you a ride to work when your car needs inspected? He isn’t trying to be all showy but is doing little things that matter. A guy who is boyfriend material will always be thinking about you and doing little things to make your life easier or simply to put a smile on your face.

So how does your man measure up? Is he boyfriend material, or are you still searching for the right guy?

If you’re single and looking to meet relationship-worthy single men in New Jersey, contact our Cherry Hill dating coaches and let us help you find them. Fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers today!

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