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Just like women, men have their own turn offs. And if you’re interested in starting a meaningful relationship, you need to know what you’re up against. As the best matchmakers in New Jersey, we want you to know what those turn offs are so that when you finally meet a good guy, you don’t end up pushing him away. So get ready as our dating and relationship experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers show you the worst turns off for NJ men.

This blog is an absolute must-read if you’re looking to find that special man to settle down with. You’ll be happy you stuck around and took this expert advice to heart.

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1. Acting Like Someone You’re Not

Why would you want to do this? The truth is, many single women in New Jersey act like someone they’re not in hopes of landing a man. After all, the competition in dating is hard, right? Forget that! You need to be yourself, and if he doesn’t like it, kick him to the curb. You want to date a man who likes you for who you are, not for the fake version you create.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It is absurd to do this, ladies. If you hate football, you have every right to say it. Think video games are immature? Say it. Don’t like camping and spending time in the outdoors? Say it. Why would you pretend to be into something if you’re not? Not only will he eventually find out, but it will make your life miserable as you have to keep up with those lies.

2. Not Offering to Go Halves on the Bill

No man—and we mean NO man—wants to pay for the bill every single time you go out. It is not even right to stick your guy with the bill all the time. First, and most importantly, you want to show him that you have a serious job and are capable of supporting yourself. Second, you want to make sure he knows you’re not dating him for his money. And third, you want to show him that you’re financially stable and capable of being in a committed relationship where you share and compromise for each other.

When you’re out, go ahead and offer to split the bill or just pick it up once in a while and treat him. While most men will refuse your money—at least in the beginning—it’s the act that counts because it shows them what type of woman you are. Hopefully you will work out a system for future dates. But don’t let him pay for everything while you sit back and enjoy a delicious bottle of red. It’s tacky and disrespectful.

3. Being Judgmental

Judging people is bad. Like, who are you to think you’re better than them? Okay, everyone is guilty of a passing a quick judgement from time to time, but that doesn’t make it right. There is a different between being rude and providing constructive criticism. Don’t be one of those women who judges everyone around because it will make you look petty and shallow. He is judging you not just for the way you treat him but for the way you treat others, as well. Judging will make you look like you’re unhappy with your life and jealous of others, so nix that bad behavior from here on out.

4. Complaining About Everything in Sight

We know you have at least one friend or coworker who is always complaining, right? And we can bet our every dollar that you get irritated when he or she comes around. It’s normal, don’t feel bad about it. After all, it is draining to be around negative people. However, if it is you who is negative, you better find a way to turn things around because you could be pushing amazing men away more often than you know.

Don’t just do it for your dating life. Do it for yourself. All that negative talk can cause cancer and give your face wrinkles, and that’s a proven fact. If you need to get it off your chest, write it down in a diary or sweat it out. Don’t be that woman who is always complaining about everything in sight. The restaurant is old. Did you see the waiter run his fingers through his hair then serve the food without washing his hands? This wine tastes sour to me. This place needs more lighting. The chairs are not comfortable. Oh, my, just stop it already! You’re too negative!

Not only are you shortening your lifespan with all this stress, but you’re making your romantic life much harder than it has to be. Sorry, ladies, unless you let go of that negative Nancy attitude, you’ll be pushing a lot of men away (and possibly friends, too).

5. Lying

No doubt, everyone is guilty of exaggerating stories to impress others every once in a while. Hey, it’s natural. Many women get a little too excited and get carried away with their storytelling, and that’s fine. But to tell a lie, a bold face lie, is not right. This will undoubtedly make you look fake. Lying is messy because you have to keep up with the lies. Why not just tell the truth? He will eventually catch you in a lie because it’s too much to keep up with. Really, it is.

Life should be fun, and there’s no room for lying. Don’t say you’ve done something you’ve never done before. Don’t say you like something if you don’t. Don’t say you’ve traveled somewhere you’ve never even seen. The truth will always come out. Being honest is the best policy, and as cliché as that sounds, as the best matchmakers in New Jersey, we know this firsthand.

But don’t get us confused here: holding back information that might be too personal or could potentially scare him away is perfectly acceptable in the beginning. After all, you’re trying to land a boyfriend here, not scare him away.

Now that you know the top 5 turn offs for NJ men, you should have much better luck in your romantic life.

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